Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Yinka, Less Nora

So none of that inserting my opnion, just more fabu art.

Can you find the hand?

Now this is my kind of party...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Yinka Shonibare M.B.E.

I FINALLY made it over to the Brooklyn Museum to check out one of my favorite artists of all time- Yinka Shonibare M.B.E. First of all let me say he is baller. Secondly let me say his sense of humor is my favorite. Thirdly let me say my piece:
He plays with race in a way that is really interesting, and really intend the full use of the word play. Most of the time when an artist makes work about race, it centers around their personal story of being black, Asian, Indian, whatever- which I find really boring. I find art about one's personal experience (self portraits for example) at best trying because usually the artist has not given us, the viewers, enough information to access the work. We remain on the outside, and the artist sits atop his/her throne of superiority. Furthermore the work is often focused on an already exhausted idea. LOOK! Poor, starving Indian prostitutes and their kids in photographs! LOOK! Hip hop superstars living in their excessive excess! LOOK! The environment is crumbling and this bird won't make it through the next decade!

I'M BORED! Not to say I'm nihilistic, because I think all these things are incredibly important (not that I ever talk about it on the blog, but I'm a huge environmentalist) and I care about them like woah. Its just- lets talk about these things, lets have an open dialogue, lets make change, make it happen. Or perhaps art is a way to positively affect our global issues also, I just don't appreciate it as art. Kapesche? Yet, I digress...
So Yinka, darling, he makes this really interesting art, that is kinda almost about race, but also not at all. He's interested in the work on so many levels besides just the race card. Its a wholeistic view.
Let's take some Dutch wax fabric, lets take these Victorian era costumes, lets take the heads off these mannequins, I'm gonna be in these photos as a tribute to Oscar Wilde's Dorian Gray, I'm going to make these characters perform sexually deviant acts, and I'm going to hide some kids inside of other rooms in the museum.

You're going to be completely absorbed by this video where real people (with heads) are dancing around in these amazing Dutch wax outfits. I'm going to have fun, you're going to have fun. We're going to have fun all together. "These famous intellectuals in my pieces are going to have fun." He knows what he's referencing but that doesn't' mean I have to know what he's referencing to have a great time with his work, not just great as in "I like to have fun" but as in hey, that stimulated my brainz; or hey, I feel inspired to make something when I get home; or hey, DANCE PARTY! Needless to say, it was a breath of fresh air. Olafur, I still love you, but Yinka is joining your ranks. Watch yer back!

Let's go back a few weeks.

Well I finally stopped being a lazy ass and plugged in my camera.

Remember when I said I went to the DVF show, and ya'll were like I don't even believe you.
Well here it is, except my camera was (still is) on the fritz, and I was way in the back with the nobodies, so the photos are few and far in between, and I'm not thrilled with the color/lighting/focus etc.
P.S. check out Terrence's fabu vintage shirt.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Remember that time I told you I went to a fantastic par-tay? And like so many people whose names I totes dropped were there? And I loved it.
I finally remembered to check the snake, and I'm there but fucking Kate, even on Eddie's tee, she steals the show. Love her.
Have a great weekend ya'll! Maybe I'll see some of you at the Phoneix show? Or maybe swing dancing on Governor's Island?


I have a real problem with shoes. Last month there was a week where I became the owner of four new pairs of shoes. Granted one was a gift, but still- its a thing I should consider watching. Also, I'm a twenty something, living in New York. I'm supposed to be silly from time to time.
Anyways, I have a real passion for plastic shoes. I don't really know where that one came from, but I own six pairs of plastic shoes. It started two summers ago with jellies. I liked them so much I bought another pair just in a different color. In addition to those I have plastic oxford like shoes in white (these are actually rain shoes, and also look like nurses shoes sometimes, they can be a bit trixy to wear without the right ensemble), Alexandre Hercovitch translucent heeled rain boots, white plastic Melissa shoes (my first Gilt Groupe purchase) and a new pair of yellow jellies-gladiator style, thanks to Lisa. They are all so crazy awesome, futuristic, waterproof, and I guess slowly becoming my thing.
With that said check out these crazy awesome shoes from Prada. Oh I love love love Prada, goodness gracious I do.They are held together by velcro darlings!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Booty Shakin

So I've been a lazy mofo and haven't uploaded new images, but here is some fantastic booty shaking from the Carib parade. You'll totes adore it.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ruff Life

So- despite the fact that I look all of 12 years old here, I'm sadppy (its like sad and happy at the same time- I'm inventing words, just you wait its going to catch on) to say these are our last Ruff Club photos. The end of an era, one whose time had come. Katie and I struck our usual pose just one last time.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Outta townahs!

I love love love having friends come to visit. I've said it before and I'll say it again- I could be a tour guide for the unorthodox visit. This city's cup over floweth with good things to eat, fun things to do, and interesting people to spend time with. What more could you want!?
So when Emily and Evan came to make a NY visit- I was very excited to show them my home 'hood, the BK! Emily is totes in love with the city, but Evan is on the fence, so my job was to help him fall head over heels with the place.
Since our time together was short, we did a small tour of the park and then over to a very cool 7th ave bar that I never stop inside but have always wanted too. Of course, dear readers, I already don't know the name.
They got a taste of my apt, Prospect Heights, the Park, Park Slope, and the long wait for the F train. We were waiting so long, and since they were en route to meet a friend, they called using-get this- the phone in the subway station! A NY First! Even I've never done that!
This weekend our mutual friend is coming to the city. This kid loves adventure. Not necessarily "posh bars New York nightlife adventure," more like "climbing mountains in Montreal in inappropriate footwear adventure!" I'm going to take him bike riding and to Governor's Island for sure. I can't wait!
TONIGHT- Fashion Week's last night... can I make it? We shall seeee...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Party party party!

Monday night was Marc's party! No I didn't go! We were helping our client throw their own party (which was fabulous and well attended, thankyouverymuch) and also Marc just didn't invite me this year. I can't imagine why...
I was decidedly sober and after our fantastically successful event I ate at my fav, the Corner Shop- and had their bread pudding, which makes you want to cry its so good- sped on home and passed out completely and entirely at the early hour of 11:30. I am a party animal, let me tell you.
All that extra rest turned out to be fourtuitous as last morning my boss was all casual like "Hey, I can't go to this event, do you want to?" and its at the MoMA being hosted by Linda Evangelsta and Ron Arad. So basically I snatched out of her hand, called her a saucy minx and ran home to be a total girl about what I was going to wear. I had only planned on attending the Sartorialist's party and was not at all appropriately dressed at all for a gala at the MoMA-jeeze! Six outfits later, I left to holler at Trace-face for a hot minute at the Sart's party. Garance was there too! And I saw the loverly Simon Doonan, again. He's totally stalking me. I helped Tracy choose some Kanye West jams (I guess Scott only likes Kanye, no love for the Taylor Swift! Good Riddance!) for the fete, and then dashed off to the MoMA.
In attendance, in no particular order was-
Ron Arad (wearing the same "bonnet"(he loves a hat) and crocs as the night before- a fashion faux pas on so many levels, but when you're Ron Arad, I suppose you can get away with it)

Linda Evangelista

Kate Lanphear

Terry Richardson

Josh Hartnett (okay so I didn't actually see him but a friend of mine who I was hanging with got a text from across the party that he was there)

Waris Ahluwalia

Bar Refaeli

And aparently Mary J Blige was there, but I only read that online. No one I knew saw her.
Judy and I wandered around trying to find vegetarian food, but I believe the cheif was French, so it was practically impossible. There were some steamed veggies, but that is only water and cellulose which doesn't really absorb alchol that well. Speaking of alchol, they had these amazing cotton candy lemonade drinks, making it the second time this fashion week that I have had cotton candy. The drink was strong, but let me just say- MMmmmm. I was decidedly not sober this time around. I ran into some of my favorite (and well dressed) editors from Surface and Interior Design.
Mid party I got a text from Eddie inviting me to the Purple Magazine party at Avenue. (note: turns out it was the MCM and Coco Rocha party after all)
He was all-"Do you wanna come?" and I was all-"Do you even have to ask!?" At the Standard, I met up with him and a few of his friends. One looked oddly familiar, but I couldn't place him. Lo and behold, later Eddie tells me its Yvan, the facehunter himself! I fangirled a little bit, but only on the inside because that is not cute.
I met some amazing people, talked with Waris, and had my photo taken by the Corba Snake, again. Mark Hunter's hair is really big right now. Like woah. Corry Kennedy nearly mauled Eddie to the ground with a very enthusastic hug. And near the end of the night I spotted Leigh Lezark was bopping around the bar getting a drink. I danced with this fantastic girl, a crazy guy, my neighbor kept giving me sipps of his drinks, because he was a friendly neighbor. All in all, I can say I'm still high from the super fun. And exhausted. Damn I need a nap.

Fashion Weekend cont...

So the DVF show was fabulous. I know- because I went to it- and so did Simon Doonan, Andre Leon Tally, Joe Zee, and Fern Mallis. I brought along my pal, Jackie, as a birthday gift. DVF's clothes are always TDF (to die for) so this show was no different. The hair, the draping, the mixing of patterns and layering! Very current, fabulous, and chic. Just like the iconic woman herself.
Its always fun to be in the tents. I ran into the fantastic Terrence, and while we were talking T-money kept getting his photo taken. Because he was wearing a womans vintage sweater with a big bow on the back, backwards, so the big bow was on the front. And it was totally sequeined. And he was falling out, except T has no boobs as he's a dude, so it wasn't that big of a deal. But obvi pictures worthy.
Outside people watching is just as much fun. I saw BryanBoy grabbing a seat, taking a breather, looking at the tents.
Afterwards I just met up with Phillip and we traveled to the 'burbs to have dinner with the folks and have my dad record a voice over for a project we're doing. It was a nice way to take a pause during such an otherwise hectic week. I love my dad.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fashion Weekend

Lets just jump right in!
Friday night I went to the Tribecca Grand to meet up with Katie, Babs, and Lisa. While Barbara and Lisa were being dropped off somewhere that was not the T-Grand by their cabbie, me and Katie were waiting- in the rain- for the magical list to appear.
Frustrated, I hate waiting in line, (not because I think I'm too cool for school and everyone should bow down to the fashion diva that I am, but because its obnoxious, esp when its raining. While I only got into Beatrice once before it was shut down (see I'm not that cool), I was in love with their door policy- just like Hedi says, you're either in our you're out. No waiting around to see if you're cool enough/love participating in new york night life endurance art) and getting rained on, I just decided that me and Katie would let ourselves into the hotel via the next door over, which is what we did.
The velvet rope girl/intern asked us for evidence of a stamp on hands. Which we didn't have, but we just walked around her and into the Dossier party anyways. Basically we did what we always do and let ourselves into a party.
Before we walked in we went to the bathroom just to make sure the rain had properly destroyed my hair. Really there was no hope for me left, but Katie still looked cute. As did Leigh Lezark, because she was there, being a normal girl, putting on makeup and chatting away with her pal.
Barbara and Lisa did not have the same door luck, but eventually made it in also and the four of us bounced around the very well dressed, impossibly skinny, and ambiously gay group of 20 and 30 somethings. The mix included Kate Lanphear (!) who brushed up against Katie as I renewed my friendship with Eddie!
Last year Eddie invited me (and I invited Katie) to a party at the Tribecca Grand with the Misshapes, so it had come full circle. Also present was the ever fabulous Krystal Simpson, wearing the worlds most coveted gold boots. Barbara just about peed herself.
While the party was fabu- we wanted dancing. We also wanted to say good bye to a certain part of our lives. While we were once in love with Ruff Club, it had become decidedly young, too crowded and not for us anymore, but seeing that Friday was its last night ever, attending that shitshow was of the upmost importance.
We skipped the line (ugh, lines (yes I realize this makes me sound holier than thou)) and I gave my favorite bouncer, Ro, a huge hug. I had meant to bring him flowers for being such a great guy over all this time, but strangely enough its hard to find flowers after midnight...
Ruff Club was fun for a few minutes, Katie and I had our final photos taken by Felipe (love) and danced around to an amazing block of music that included Fat Boy Slim. Can't ever go wrong with that kind of jam. AND Kate Lanphear followed us over there, with her amazing chunky silver necklace and world's coolest hair cut.
But overall it was still full of young children, which was appropriate. We said, let them have thier fun! Dance your hearts away kiddies! We remember when, we loved it so as you do now, and now we're off to the mid-twenties jam spots. Hey Cabin, hows it going?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fashion's Night Out

Since last night was Calvin Harris at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, I didn't really have the time to run all around the Manhat in search of Anna Wintour, Andre Leon Tally, or Issac Mizarhi. I could only do the 'burg. But it turns out that was the best one anyway.
Bird on North 6th and Driggs hosted a block party, and thankfully it didn't get rained out. It mildly drizzed at the end but us fashionistas didn't care. The lovely ladies of Vena Cava were there, though exhuasted, understandably so as thier show was earlier that day. OMG the so fashionable, adorable and cute Jen, of Bird was kicking it, which makes sense as Bird is her store.
Mid-party tons of models arrived, stalking around a foot taller than everyone else (and I'm 5'9"), including if I'm not mistake Atong, and the lovely Agyness Dyen! Holler!

I got there before everyone else I was supposed to meet, so I just wandered around looking at the beautiful people. One of them was my editor friend from ID mag, so nice to see a friendly face! I also ran into everyone's fav party kid, Aaron K! I gabbed about how many really good to look at dudes there were and wondered where was my plaid clad man?
It could be said that my favorite part was eating cotton candy. Man oh man do I love that stuff! And look, Metromix thought I looked great doing it! Or when they ran out of the free beer, encouraging anyone who still wanted to drink to go to the corner store just down the block and bring back some Tecate. Over the PA. While the music was stopped so EVERYONE heard. Or seeing Tracy and Milan, who I haven't seen in a while. Tracy is the busiest bee in the world right now, as she's follow ol' Scott around the land. I'm so proud of her. Or Rebecca giving me a necklace she made for me, which is five triangles on a chain. Its really great and I can't wait to wear it with everything.
The night was really a fantastic one indeed, good people, good lookin' dudes, good fahsions, good jams= good times!
Tonight- on to the Tribecca Grand (hello Misshapes, Kate Laphear, Dossier et all) and the last Ruff of them all. I'm bringing my favorite bouncer some flowers on the last night of what was once my favorite party in NYC.

8 years

I wondered what- if anything- I should write about today being the day that it is. The anniversary of this day New York changed incredibly and irreversibly. I remember where I was, I remember what my family did, the kid who sat in front of me in Math doesn't have a parent anymore, I might remember that most of all.
Every year it gets easier to forget(scary), every year I'm a bit more at a loss as to how its appropriate to feel. There is something very comforting in the rain today. Its soothing away some of the tenseness we're all feeling. Its gives an excuse for the dreary-ness.

Any joke about today is still too soon. For me it may always be to soon.
I am going out tonight- and I think that's good. I think being alive is important.

Calvin Harris

Lalalala- last night was the best night ever. It was Fashion's Night Out, which was fantastic. And I'll get to that in another post (I know ya'll be like, hey its fashion week and shit, and you're just bloggin' about the Caribbean parade- NORA- get on yer shit) but last night was the night that I saw CALVIN HARRIS. We're in love, he just doesn't know it yet.
I haven't really been telling ya'll about all the DJ's I've been getting into this summer. I haven't been toting around my massive, yet beautiful, camera to these shows. I just wanna dance, and that 4 pound hunk of plastic makes it tricky, plus I gotta be nice to the machine, tis a pretty penny. Thanks to GBH, I've seen Boys Noize, DIM- twice, Klever, and Flosstradamus (Chicago DJ, what?!) just off the top of my head. MSTRKRFT played but I was sooooooooo tired that day I think I might have passed out if I had tried to go. Also Calvin Harris played, but NJ was in full force so much that my peeps couldn't stand it and I begrudgingly left with them before he hit the 1's and 2's.
Last time I saw DIM chance had it that I was on stage, and I talked to him... yeah.
DIM-"Are you waiting for the bathroom?"
Me-"Yes, but I'll be quick!"
Very exciting.

First of all, I've seen dance acts, and been super amped to see them, and then the crowd is all lame and hating on life and doesn't dance. This crowd gets MAD props (with the exception of one stupid girl) for tons and tons of dancing. And I think we have to attribute that fact to the radical jamz blasting out of the speakers (and they were blasting, an ear plug fell out and that ear is still ringing, unfourtnately) the openers were great, and there was ZERO pause between sets. They just flowed into each other (that's what she said) which was great, I hate waiting upwards of 30 minutes for the next act.
Calvin's warm up DJ played Aphex Twin's Windowlicker (hello!) and Major Lazer's Pon de Floor, so-haaaayyy. I was in the mood.
And Calvin, while you could have cut out about 30 mintues of the "just the beats please" you rocked the house. I think everyone just about exploded during "Acceptable in the 80's" and "I'm Not Alone." I wanted to hear Vegas, and Ready for the Weekend, but even without I'm still floored by the rocking jams from last night.
Everyone was dancing on each other- some dude picked me up like at least 3 times- many many people made out. You brought some merrymaking to our place, baby, to our place.
Tru Luv.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Smiles were the most popular accessory, next to color that is. Everyone seemed to be happy during the festivities. Even the po!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jamacain me CRAZY!

Let me tell you all about how this supposed holiday "labor day" doesn't exist in my 'hood. It is a myth! A fable! A fairy tale! Here in Brooklyn we celebrate West Indian-American Day. Or Caribbean day! OR (as I prefer to call it) "WTF!? This is fucking awesome! I can't believe what I'm looking at. THIS IS NUTZ- day!"
This holiday starts at 2AM the night before. There was a crazy concert in the parking lot of the Brooklyn Museum. We were kinda the only white people around, but I think that's probably okay. Then starts Jouvert. I tried to stay up for it, but I just couldn't. I'm grabbing the description from this site-
What makes it so great? Bands who play steel pans, drums, bass, cymbals, and more instruments are accompanied by dozens of followers who dance, sing, grind and party on the streets of Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn like they have no worries in the world (They actually don't for one night). Some people are dripped in mud and even chocolate to emmulate the traditional meanings of carnival. (Which in part is a celebration of the abolishment of slavery and a tribute to the land back in the Islands, especially Trinidad where it orginates from.)

My neighbors said something about baby power being thrown around also. And for some reason the city of New York allows all this partying to go on, the police just come and hang out and watch everyone dance and get drunk.
Onto the next day! The day of the parade! Which goes on for HOURS. Literally, I have no idea when it ends. I took my time getting over there because I know it just goes on forever.
The parade is its own brand of crazinesss (video to follow) but the streets have just as much going on. There are kids who have made thier own carnivale esque outfits, ladies wearing not much of anything, and people draped in the colors of thier island. The street vendors (legal and not) have a feild day and air is filled with the scents of things like goat and "salt fish, whatever that is.Its aparently a family affair! I think there are many cultral differences going on. Its a bit hard for me to wholly understand what is going on, because I was taught that girls don't need to shake thier asses to get a man/feel good about themselves/be attractive and it was the activity of ladies with poor self esteem. Also definately not for children's eyes. But I think there were totally different ideas about that brand of activity here. It seemed to be a celebration of one's self. I'm not sure what my opinions on the matter are yet...
I can absolutely say all body types were well represented and celebrated for what they were, beautiful ladies!


Friday was a half day- so me and Jackie went to holler at some fabrics. And we found ourselves at Pacific Trimming, a must know for kids who like to make clothes and other fashion accouterments. The staff is super knowledgeable and helpful, well most of the time. They also hail from crazy town so your head might explode a little bit, but just go with a smile and a sense of humor and you'll do swimmingly.
I bought most of these things at PT, except for the buttons which was an eBay purchase for a coat I made earlier in the year. I was supposed to wait for Jackie to work on it, but I just got excited and went for it. And I'm so happy with the result!

What do ya'll think of my first endeavor into jewelery since 4th grade's ever popular stringing beads onto a lanyard?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I always feel like somebody's watching me...

On a top secret tenz-of-menz mission, we ran into the money from the Gieco. Be jealous...

Tee Off

Normally I hate tee shirts. I only own a select few, and its because they are awesome beyond belief. I have this old tee with an octopus that someone once offered to buy, off my back, for 50 bucks. But I said hellz no, because that tee shirt is older than me, and awesome, and I don't really like running around with no shirt on.
THIS TEE SHIRT would absolutely, totally, one hundred percent make the collection. I want it really bad, its amazing like woah.
Hello American Psycho!Like if I saw this guy running around during a party I would probably stalk him, and then jump on him. I would definitely dance with him.

While I believe these photos are originally from the Cobra Snake, I found them on Stylesightings.