Thursday, July 31, 2008

oh my best friend...

There were a shit ton of PBR cans on the table we sat down at, this is what she did. She is so cool!

A paler shade of pasty.

My friend Bridget (left) is pretty pale, but I'm (right) paler still.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Subway Seats

These are old school, or I have never seen them before. Long seats in the subway.


Ricky's window display. They are a class act.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Max Fish's

I kinda broke my vow of avoiding LES and Manhattan in general on the weekends, and somehow ended up right there on a Saturday night. I went to the only place that is kind of okay at that time, Max Fish. I noticed something in their incredible, if not overwhelming decor which I have never noticed before, the many clocks of notable faces. I think we've got everyone from Bill Clinton to ODB.

She and Him

Last Saturday She and Him played at Terminal 5. I'm not crazy about the venue, but at least I wasn't overwhelmed with Camel advertisements.
Let me tell you a little story about how Zooey Deschanel has the best voice ever. And amazing stage presence. And M.Ward is a little darling on the stage too. The place was packed, and I think everyone was really happy with the show. The length of the set was not too long or too short, the songs were great, not too much pandering, just perfect. Plus Zooey was wearing the best sparkly dress that just caught the lights and made her look FAB. A plus!

Monday, July 28, 2008

3D Advertisment

Spotted just north of Times Square. I think it's for hair products... I thought the ad was striking and creative. Just minutes later I walked by Puff Daddy on the street like it was no thang. I didn't get a photo of that.

Diplo is a dj part Deux

Diplo on the ones and twos:

Friday, July 25, 2008

Diplo is a dj

Way back in 2005 I used to volunteer to register voters at shows. The deal was I would get to go to the show for free, usually meet an artist or two and make an impact in the world by registering voters, something I believe in. Good deal.
I went to do exactly this at an RJD2 show. This guy, Diplo, was the opener. I had never heard of him, but he played a pretty decent set (which included, to my pleasure, Bonita Applebum- Tribe Called Quest and Bombs of Baghdad-Outkast). During the switch over he came over to my table and introduced himself to me. We talked for a few mintues and he passed off this disk, "Diplo Banned in Libya." "Check it out," he said...
Three years later, he's not just pretty decent, he's Mad Decent. And I went to see him, once at summer stage this past weekend, and last night at Le Royale. I was smashed up against the dj booth the whole mind-blowing, brain-explodoing set.
This wonderful lady is DJ Cat, and she was fantastic, and wearing the most amazing sparkley boustier. That girl could rock it.

The crowd was feeln' it.
Dimitry!!! was feeln' it too.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hidden Carousel

Some rich people have the strangest hobbies. Like restoring an old carousel and putting it inside a building in DUMBO. Bizzare, yet totally amazing.

Santo's Party House

The Misshapes hosted a party at Santo's Party House on Tuesday. They were present, in all their black clothed glory, as was Jessica Stam (which I silently freaked out about on the inside). What was really the most important part of the night had nothing to do with those people though. It had everything to do with getting a compliment on my shoes from Sophie Lamar. I felt stylish.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trash Train

So it's late at night, and you're a little drunk. You're waiting in the hot and muggy subway station waiting for your train to take you home. You see one barreling down the tunnel in the distance. The lights get closer and you think "yes! finally, I can go home!" only you counted your eggs to quickly. That train is a Trash Train, and it's only passenger pick up is a garbage bag.

They usually employ old trains to do this service and I loved the emblem on the side of the car.

A Going Away Party (but how could you ever leave New York!?)

These two amazing ladies had to go back to school and leave me . It's sad, but they did throw a bash at Mason Dixion. A bar that I would probably hate if they hadn't invited me themselves. They chose it because they are both going back south, below the Mason Dixion line.
Mason Dixion was playing typical bar music and it was full of "dude-bros" but it seemed kitchy and fun, not stupid and annoying, so I went with it. And I'm glad I did because in the back they have something I have never seen before in a bar...that's right, a goddamned mechanical bull. Amazing. The ride only costs five dollars, and if you don't want to ride its pretty entertaining to watch. Someone bought Romy a ride, damn straight.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Putting on the Ritz

Last Thursday I went to the Tavern on the Green with Rebecca and Barbara. It was some really (insane and inane) dumb mixer for fashion ladies and male financiers. Apparently the idea is that if you are a fashion lady you meet a man who can finance your line AND be your fiance, and if you're a money man, you can pay for some sassy arm candy.

So we were really the odd bunch:
I am spoken for, Babs is a lady in finance, and Rebecca brought a date. Why did we go? Ah, the eternal question.
I guess I went to see the inside of Tavern on the Green, which I have never been inside. It was crazy, the outdoor space was actaully beautiful, with dozens of fabric covered lanterns hanging from all the trees. The inside was glitzty.
I also went because there was a fashion show promised. That's almost always fun...
But really I just went for the freak show of people who went there for seriousness.
Below is Hillary Flowers embarrassing herself by singing before her over-an-hour late show. She sang for a long time also, like 4 minutes. 45 seconds is cute and gutsy, 4 minutes is trying and annoying.
AND I believe it takes BALLS to put your self out there, I did fashion too (!) There was NOTHING original or well made that walked down the too short cat walk. I've already seen all those dresses at Forever 21. All that changed was someone bought some trim to gussy it up a bit.
Better luck next time.

Isaac, the most stylish man in town...

that is until I steal his hat and make fun of him. What now Isaac? (love those tailored shorts!)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Brownstoner Brooklyn Flea Market

The market's name lies, it isn't really a flea market, in the truest sense of a flea market. It's a really expensive outdoor mall. The kind of flea market I'm used to and in love with is one where there are tables piled with junk and it is necessary to sift through it to find the treasure. Here, you sift through the vendors to find the treasure vendor. I found one, and managed to get the best mirror for 11 bucks! I'll post photos of it when I hang it up.
The flea is still fun even though it's pricey. I hear that is the major complaint from most people. It's still a gathering of people (Brooklynites are my favorite kind of people), interesting wares, and delicious food.

Friday, July 18, 2008


So... I joined a Vegan Pot Luck/Book Club. We gave up on reading the books, and I'm the only vegetarian there. So it's pretty amazing. I brought hummus and chips because I'm a lazy mofo, but they all made delicious (if not mildly bizzare) meals, one was:
two potatoes
two beets
two carrots
two pickles (?)
peas and some vinegar. Chop it all up and cook it.
Very interesting....and tasty!

Love Pool Party

Hotel Grace (formerly Hotel QT) hosts this party every second Tuesday. This was the first time I went to the party. It was full of people who you'd expect to go to a pool party (read: kinda trashy) but it was still a good time. Except for the time when, in order to "flirt" with me, "way too hairy guy" swam underwater straight at my crotch. I moved out of the way, of course, and dodged the "human vag missile" but COME ON! That is so not hot.
This, however, was not the first time I have been to Hotel QT. I went when it had partially opened, there was no water in the pool, and it was still under mild construction. One of my TA's had designed the uniforms, and I was in NY for the opening of the Gates in Central Park, so I figured, why not check it out? And when I saw the pool I thought, this would be a really cool place for a party... guess someone else thought so too.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bling Bling

Golden Bike, the blingingest of all. Spotted in SoHo.

Small Car

Located in Park Slope, a very unique car. Adorable even. I love the seat belts, like roller coaster straps (not that I ride roller coasters, ever) and the tiny, itsy-bitsy windows.
Would I feel cool in this car? Yes.
Would I feel safe in this car and drive it on the high way? Absolutely not.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Be Kanye

On my way home from the Eye Doctor's I saw this photo on the bus. I had to squint because a: I just came home from the eye doctor, and b: WHAT THE FUCK?
I tried to take a better photo but being on a moving bus I could only take a slightly blurry photo.

After asking around, I found out apparently it's an ad for vodka... who knew?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Walking around SoHo the other day I saw these trash bags, and of course was curious. Apparently it is art. According to the website, thier purpose is to "to beautify New York City and raise the public awareness of the arts and the environment." The bags are all bio-degradable.
I'm not sure if putting trash into colored bags make it a soft sculpture, but I still like it. The bags allow the viewer (the public of SoHo) to embrace the idea of design in previously undesigned places. And I'm all for anything that expands the mind.

Heck, I'd like to see a multitude of biodegradable colored bags! Lets ROY-G-BIV the streets! I can see in the future designer bags (not hand bags, but trash bags), with the ever ubiquitous Louis Vuitton print, or the interlocking Chanel C's on the trash bags. Another step into luxury, Luxe Trash!

Monday, July 14, 2008

oh, you know... The Annex, again

Kick it, Katie! I guess there is nothing new to report. I took my new bestest friend who likes dancin' at the clurbs out to The Annex. She lurved it.
Dimitry!!! killing it on the one and twos...or umm... the computer.

ID Design Review Party

I.D., one of the coolest magazines in town, had their big annual Design Review issue. We had three of our clients in the mag (!) 'cause we're the best Design PR Agency this side of Brooklyn. The party was at Parson's, the booze was Don Julio (I think) but really, the drinks were infused with crack. I swear, one drink and I was buzzed.The exhibit was really well curated, and it will be open until Sept 28th. I highly recommend it.