Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wandering around the LES

As per usual I was in the LES for no reason other than to pursue free booze at an open bar or two. Megan, a fabulous lady who is leaving (!) to go to New Zealand, is spending her last NYC week living it up with her friend Ena, also leaving, and also fab.

We went to Happy Endings on Broome st. The outside might just be my favorite part of the whole place. Rumor has it was once a Asian massage parlor/brothel. The street front has the same awning as when it was a massage parlor, Chinese(?) characters and all. It just looks like a closed Asian shop, the only give away is a bouncer standing out front. This appeals to the part of me that adores speakeasies. So the downstairs still has their old steam rooms and a faucet on the wall from when it was a "bathhouse." The steam rooms just become kinda semi-private party rooms, or vantage point to watch people dancing on their smallish dance floor. There is a bathroom behind the steam rooms that not that many people know about, so its much less of a wait. The scene is a mix mosh of hip kids and pickup wall street types. I've never had a bad time at Happy Endings, but only once did I have a great time.
We also went to Darkroom on Ludlow. I had never been there before, the long lines on the weekend always discouraged me, especially when Max Fish is across the street, and one of the only places I like to go to despite its lack of dancing. The bouncers at Darkroom were pretty friendly, one was a little too friendly if you catch my drift... but it was still an okay time. The ceilings are pretty low, and true to its name its very dark.

I could see it getting a little claustrophobic when it reaches capacity. I bet its a fun place when it's full of people dancing, but it was just a lounge-y atmosphere with only a few people dancing. Again, I could take it or leave it. We did find some lovely and nutty gents to dance with who were particularly crazy on the dance floor, in a good way of course. Apparently their open bar ended while we were there and according to Megan and Ena, the drinks ain't cheap. I think I would be open to revisiting Darkroom again, different night, different scene.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I love New York, but I just came back from Chicago.

As you may or may not know, I went to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for my degree. I haven't been there in 9 months, so the time came for me to make my grand return for a long weekend. I spent most my time reconnecting with old friends, some of my time drinking, WAY too much time in the backs of cabs (which make me nauseous), barely enough time sleeping and no time in the shower.
Highlights included:
Dodge ball
the BFA show

meals with Chole's folk

shopping the abundant thrift and consignment store with Kirsten and her Aunt

and of course the Earwax Cafe.