Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yeah- Hair...again

So its white, but with a blue streak. That is le cool. Now imagine it short. Maybe not boy cut, maybe something like a blunt chin length. With more blue streaks. And maybe just one little hint of pink somewhere underneath. Oh- that would be so le cool.

And then I'm reminded of me in high school, the first time I professionally dyed my hair, it was pink and blue streaks in my then brown hair. Am I regressing? Or did I just know le cool way back when?

This photo is from Chanel-and

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Big Apple Circus- Part One


For the last three years I have brought my family to the Big Apple Circus at Lincoln Center. It started as a tradition many years ago and once I got a job brining in the dollars, I continue it. Now we're all adults, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the phenomenal acts.
Admittedly this year was a bit lack luster, but still enjoyable. I mean how could it not be, its acircus! In addition to Grandma, they brought back everyone's second favorite clown, Bello! He really added some special pzazzaz to the show.
Like I said, the acts were a Here's some flipping around though.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Ugh, here I go again. Try to put up with me!

Yes, its a boy. And its not light pink, its white/grey. Still, how awesome is his hair cut and color? Okay okay okay, I really want it. Like, I love my long red hair, I'm a total girly-girl-babe, but how amazing would this hair cut and color look on me? I could be an edgy-girlyish-babe instead. I would probably go through a total self-identity crisis because I have not had hair that short since kindergarten, I've really just been obsessed with long hair for-like-ever, and I would have to reassess my entire wardrobe for short hair-but! this would look so chic. Plus I'm young. I probably won't do it, but its something to think fantasize about.

photo taken from James Bort

Friday, January 22, 2010

G-Star- take me far, I drive a bike not a car, and I drink at a bar

Hey kiddies! I kinda want to go to fashion week and take some pictures and kick butt on G-star's dime. It will probably be cool. If you like me and want to vote-a-lote then I think you should. It will be baller-and-a-half. The deal is if I am the winner then I can go and take some photos at G-Star's fashion show and maybe other events, go backstage, have some fun times.

I can have some more b-list celeb's to gush about, and have a reason to get all fashion'd out (as if I even need a reason). Don't you want all these things for me, DON'T YOU!?

Click the image, and then vote for me, and then lets hang out. Unless you don't live near by or are a creep.

Right now I have zero votes, that's sad. Don't get mad, get glad.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


And when one must work extra to make a deadline, one needs good jamz. Here is what I've been listening to, which I really really think everyone will love no matter who you are as far as a music listener goes (is this english? I can't tell, I'm busy), and I'm telling you really really quickly, because me writing a blog post is really me procrastinating. And that' s bad news bears for my deadlinez.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's-Home. Katie got me into it, and I'm totes obsessed. Get on Grooveshark and listen to everything. And you'll feel so good. Don't listen to this song if you've just gone through a break up though, it will hurt your little heart.

The Smiths- This Charming Man. Normally I don't even care about the Smiths, because they are boring and weepy and whatever blah blah blah. But I went out dancing this Friday and had such a good time getting down to this jam that I opened up my heart and made just a wee bit of space for darling Morrissey. Just the littlest, because they are a little bit of a whiner from time to time.

Vampire Weekend-Horchata Their newest effort, and its jamming, and it reminds me of Chicago where I was first introduced to Horchata, quite possibly the greatest drink ever. Plus, like the drink, the song is sweet and easy...just like your mom.

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Years Ever

Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven.. no WAIT! All night false alarms rang out as fools started the countdown early, at least twice an hour, even after actual New Years happened. My favorite fools. The fools of the century.
Despite the rain, and two of my favorite friends being out and about with dudes they like, this new years was one of the best ever, really.
New Years, generally a high pressure night, is almost always over rated unless, of course, you're partying with me. Then you know your night will turn out swimmingly. The key is not too many people, and never thinking about taking a subway or cab. Oh- and champagne and good jamz don't hurt either.
Three of my most favorite Chicago buddies came out to count down with me, and one of their lil sisters. Plus two New Jersey folk (I know, I know...), my brother and his pal, TOM! spent the night. Throw in my roommate and her boyfriend and New Years brought a record 11 people crashing that night in the Color Me Cannon APT!
Usually for the count down we head over to Grand Army Plaza and watch the fire works and drunk park slope moms get their game on, but due to the inclement weather, my apartment worked just fine.How did you ring in the New Year? Did you have a blast or was it a bust?
And most importantly, what did you wear?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Publicist by day- photog by night!

Check it out y'all- my photography was printed in Twin Cities Business... okay its not the Times or anything but I'm still proud! Go me!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How many times have you said "It's cold?"

I'm a big fan of winter. HUGE.
(Did you just call me fat?)

I love winter time sports- like sledding, snowman building, snowball fights, putting on enough layers to comfortably ride the bike, huddling together and skiing.

There is a certain pleasure of pulling out ye olde winter time wardrobe and having the opportunity to wear a favorite sweater. Tights in general. And this season I've been wearing my uh-maze-ing work-boot-heels that go with any and every ensemble ever.

Let us not forget the cold weather comradeship. There is nothing like exiting a restaurant together only to be greeted with the extreme cold (and ladies and gents, its been a cooolllddd winter) and through chattering teeth shiver out "Iittttsssssoooooocoococcooocoooooollllldd," while scurrying to the nearest subway, or convincing someone to pay for a cab.

Or quite possibly the best of them all, staying at home, watching hours of bad television, drinking wine, keeping warm by snuggling with my cat. Can we just say snuggling in general?

But now comes the hard part. We've had our first snowstorm, which was really fun. By the third one of those, unfortunately people usually get sick of it (not I!). The holidays are over, and so begins our longest stretch without any vacation. And while we really think that March brings warm weather, truly it is April the shepherds in the light spring jackets. My summer time dresses are singing to me from my closet already- and this is the earliest they've ever done that.
How am I going to battle the cold weather blues?

This weekend I'm going skiing for the first time of the season. I'm going to ride my bike as much as possible, making getting there a quicker journey with the added bonus of generating lots of heat. I'll just pretend that my winter wardrobe still excites me, and continue the quest for the perfect (and affordable) pair of over the knee/thigh high boots which still elude me. Oh! And I just re-ignited my love for rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulders. I'm trying to go a couple times a week. Oh- and drinking wine. Lots of Cabernet pour moi. Merci beaucoup!

I'm going to keep telling myself that I love winter, even when it is no longer true. We shall see how long I can trick myself...

Having server woes, pictures should be back up right quick!

Friday, January 8, 2010

TwentyTen: Pigs in a Pen

Last night Katie invited Trace-face et moi to see one of her absolutely favorite bands: The Punch Brothers. I now understand why this bluegrass band is on the top of her list. The jams were just incredible. Chris Thile, the fastest mandolin player this side of New York and former Nickel Creek band member, is the front man. He doesn't just play the mandolin, he gets down with his bad self, dancing like a fool to the jams. The other players are no less accomplished, and all are adorable.
Since there were more people than chairs, Katie, Tracy and I shared two chairs between us and I sat in the middle with kinda half a thigh on each chair. It was like floating... But this afforded the luxury of being up close and personal with the band.
All in all the show was the perfect way to spend a Thursday night. I mean how can you not love a band that eludes to whiskey dick in their song Rye Whiskey? Keep your eyes out for their next show, not to be missed!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hunter's graphic painter

I try to attend as many open studios as I can, but I always look forward to Hunter's. The school has a special place in my heart. Maybe its because I recently found my old 5th grade signatures book and in it I had written down Hunter as my college of choice. Perhaps its the experience of negotiating the rabbit warren studios, always getting lost in the creepy basement. Or maybe, just maybe, its the quality of the work?

I've started collecting favorites, and this work is up there. Its graphic design, and its a painting. Its pure aesthetics, which means is probably very thoughtful. Jay's postcard hangs on my door, and I'm happy to say its the only one greeting guests as they enter through the apartment.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Parson's BFA: Outside the studios

Sometimes the most interesting things were not the art in the studios but hanging out on the walls surrounding the studios.

Taken at Parsons.


Happy New Year! I totally slacked, fell off the face of the earth, and did not round up my year, nor did I do a year in review. I still have loads that happened last year, that I want to share. And already time is flying by.
I'm going to backtrack a bit with the next few posts, to catch us up and then proceed as per usual. It should be noted that I added a new blog to the list on the right. Scouting NY, a baller blog who probably has my dream job, and also loves NYC the way I do. From the Flat Iron Building to the shady-ass bar in the middle of nowhere. I'm a fan.

What did you get into this new years, loves?