Friday, February 27, 2009

English Kills

During my Bushwick gallery tour, we ended up at the English Kills gallery. Totally and completely worth checking out. The space alone is inspiring, exposed brick, concrete floors, large expanses of space, and a lingering hint of artistic activity behind the canvas curtains.
Right now the walls are hosting very large format paintings by Andy Piedilato. We were all crazy in love with them. He used familiar and comfortable materials but represented them in such a usual way, like bricks the curved, hardwood floors that are also boat castle tops, and a painting on a painted spiral bound page of paper.
Plus the guy we talked to in the space couldn't have been nicer or more accomidating, he actually offered to call the artist and have him come over to talk with us. I guess he could see how excited I was. I kindly turned down the offer, I explained that all I would do was gush and ask alot of questions.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Me and the Ladies went to the Yale Club last friday for Barbara's birthday. Last year we went for the black and white masquerade ball, but this year they changed the theme to Havanah Nights/50's Cuban theme. I brought Chloe as my date, because she is hot.
Last year was really fun/super drunk. This year I didn't get quite as drunk, so the Ivy snobs were a bit much to handle. To escape the kakhi pants parade, we ran upstairs to the Yale Club's library and had a photoshoot.

I love this photo. The pose Katie took was so classical. What a beauty.

Happy Birthday, Babs!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Factory Fresh

I got an invite to check out galleries in Bushwick, so instead of cleaning the apt as I should have (being a responsible adult...) I decided the best way to spend a Saturday was doing that. One of the ballerest ones was Factory Fresh with Anxiety Room being the show that is currently up.
One of the gallery owners, Ali (who was super sweet and talked with us a bunch about the show) invited these two artists Jon Burgerman and Jim Avignon to hang out in her living space for two weeks and make art. The collaborative results in the current show.

The gallery seems to be dedicated to street art, according to the website.
Ego, Id, SuperegoThis was the Board of Anxieties which I loved. It was very cutesy, but that never bothers me. The gallery space was once a factory (hence the name) and I supposed the large fridge on which the Board of Anxieties was plastered on came with the space. I kinda like that there is a thermomonter in the middle of the piece.

Probably the best part of the space for summer time openings was the graffitti yard in the back. I want to have a beer out there, and a bbq.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hula Hooping

More on my bestest friend Chloe, and Tortilla Flats. On Monday's they have Bingo nights, which is the most fun. And then if you're really lucky the Emcee will get drunk right along with you and make a hula hooping contest. And then if you're really really lucky Chloe and me will be the winners, like we were two Monday's ago.


My 6th grade class from the Bay Academy of the Arts and Sciences is having a reunion this weekend. I am SO excited because I left my middle school and moved to the 'burbs after 6th grade, so I never finished out the last two years with these folk. But I remember many of them and am super excited to see some of them again.
Really I'm just curious who turned into Bay Ridge, and who escaped the trap.
Michelle Trachtenberg (who has the same birthday as me, we're totally twins) was also in my class that year, and also left once 6th grade was up. I wonder if she'll show, heh heh heh.

Monday, February 23, 2009

There's something about a best friend

I have quite a few people that I call a best friend. Because I'm oh-so-lucky. Really, I have the most wonderful ladies in my life. Many of them live in this glorious city, but a few live in my old stomping grounds, Chicago. And I get really excited when they come to make a visit to me.
Like Chloe- who worked the tents all this fashion week, doing sound bizznass.
When she wasn't doing that we were getting really drunk at Tortilla Flats. The best bar in the world, with the best staff in the world.

This is us, on our way to the bar, passing by another ridiculous mannequin. I don't get it, really- what's up with window displays now a days?

And George Clooney was there. The best.
There is something so great about having a friend who feels comfortable enough to make a mess, walk around in her unders, and let me pee while she's taking a shower. It feels like home.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Monday- Best day

So as I previously stated, I went to the fabulous Carlos Miele show earlier Monday. Later, that evening we went to the Tribecca Grand for the party. We are big fans of the Tribecca Grand and always have a good time. The party was decent, but the free booze stopped being free, and we were getting bored, that was until we had our first Leigh Lezark sighting of the week.
Then we got the text about a Marc Jacobs party at Lit, so of course we hauled over there, and drinks were cheap, people were SO well dressed, there was dancing abound. And then we got invited to Beatrice.
Holler, it was fab.

Monday-Funday, I didn't get home until sometime around 4, just in time to pass out for a few winks of sleep next to Chloe before work. Loverely!


Tracy is on Stylesightings!
And Kanye thinks she's got style, werd.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Carlos Miele

Chloe, who's been staying with me and is the loveliest of ladies invited me to go to the Carlos Miele show on Monday (aka the best day ever. so far. more on that later.). I went, and it was fabu.

There was some decent front row sightings, here is Hamish Bowles.
And here is Fran Gellis.
Back stage before the show starts.

And the full house, anticipating the beginning of the show!
And didn't you know, last minute they needed two more models, so Chloe and I filled in. They were lucky we were there.