Friday, January 30, 2009


That is the coolest carpet ever. I want it bigger and in my living room. I also can't afford it. If you can go here.... and buy it for me........
Speaking of living rooms me and my roommate just got a roomba, off the craigslist. Its my favorite new thing. I just press the BIG green "clean" button when I'm leaving for the office, and I come back and there is no cat litter on the floor. Or dust, or hair, or anything. It's the best new toy I've ever had. And so fun to watch the cats freak out about it. Maybe soon one of them will ballsy enough to ride it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sweedish Sweeedish

So it's Fashion week in Sweeden. I'm crazy in love with Scandinavia, I love their musicians, I love their weather, the government systems, and their style. I could really, get up and move to Denmark and start my line. Who's with me (and be with me I mean funding me...)?
So today on the Sartorialist he has posted up some photos from the land. They are by far my favorite from the site in a hot minute, as you know I rarely post other peeps photos/content. That man... I really have nothing else to say about that.
When I met Scott for the first time, he told me I should cut my hair short. I've only rarely heard that, and while I admire it on many people, such as Tracy and Katie, I am very attached to my long strawberry blonde locks. But if I could look like this Sweede, well, I'll just say, Scott, you may be on to something.

And then there is always this...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Surface hosted the party for the new issue launch, it was reallyincrediblyuncomfortabledidsomeonejusttouchmethere crowded. I brought my Katie, because she needed to prep for a date by drinking free booze and being fabulous. It takes the edge off, really.
We met two really amazing people, Blaine and Chi, and now we're all bffls and give each other mani-pedis.

Friday, January 23, 2009

An amazing night

You know those nights where you kinda expect nothing, and a few people come over, and then a few more decide they want to come over and then you are surround by good friends and a few beers.
It's low key and the most fun, especially when you have a game of Taboo to play and good jamz to listen to.
Katie and I were going to make dinner and drink wine, but we ended up going to Bar Sepia instead. It was our first time hanging out with Rio, who met us at the bar. Then while Barbara was en route, Leo and Ethan gave me a phone call to come over. And since it was so cold, we all stayed put once we got back to my apt. And it was an amazing Brooklyn night.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What could be more adorable than...

The cover of the Times today with ol' Barry and Michelle? Nothing really, but this photo of Ethan with Mersault comes really close.
Hazzah for a new prez!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


ahem, I know its actaully inauguration day(!) today, and MLK day was yesterday. I'm no dumb-dumb. I just didn't post this up because I got out of the office early.
Martin Luther King Jr is my main man, one of my favorite people. What he did for the country- and how he did it, amazing.
I posted up this speech, because its so good. It talks, not of his cause, but the way in which we must fight it. Not through violent means, but through conversation, through protest and through undeniable love. And he really changed the world.
Every six years or so we are back fighting the same wars, killing people and killing our planet.
The Doctor must have known that a message cannot be heard through gunshots, but rather through song. And he made real change. Of course we still must take big steps forward before we all look at each other as equals, but because of him radical changes, both in our minds and in legislature were taken, changes we cannot and will not undo or fall backwards on.
So please, when someone wishes you a happy MLK Jr day, don't say "Yay, I have the day off." Really consider what this amazing man did for you and your fellow man, spend the day thinking about what you can do to make your world better.
Or at least watch his I Have a Dream speech. It will give you chills.

Monday, January 19, 2009


So lately I decided I wanted to have my photograph taken, so I could remember what I looked like now, when I'm much older and moldier. The wonders of craigslist made this possible, and free. Plus, as an added bonus I was able to help out up and coming artists who can't yet afford models. It was a win win!
These are by and far my favorite photos, taken by Zach. His concept had something to do with mirrors and how we obscure ourselves, we only decided to show certain layers of ourselves and hide away others.
And because I'm a narcissist (a layer I'll openly admit to) I'm sharing them with you.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bad Pussies?

I don't know. I saw this in Alphabet City last week.
And there is a cat doing a beer bong.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

One of those wonderful things

I've caught this band before on the L platform (not that I take the L all that often) but this time I was lucky enough to have my camera on hand. And there were also two really amazing dancers jamming on the platform also.

There is something about brass, horns, etc that make me sing inside. You cannot go wrong with a horns section in a piece of music. That's not my opinion, that's fact.
Does anyone know the name of this band? Where they play?

In Chicago there was this brass ensemble that played on the corners whenever the weather was nice, they called themselves Hypnotic. Now, imagine my surprise last year when I heard the all too familiar jams in my fair city. It turns out they had inadvertently followed me to New York (and possibly had some thrown down with Chicago Police...) and now play in subway stations and outside parks all over the city. And I think they have even played Don Hills. Amazing!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Lives

Two big LIFE UPDATES- but not my life.
My lovely older cousin just gave birth to a healthy baby girl, and we are all SO EXCITED! Congrats Jen and her baby Julie Maya!

And Heather, who I have known since she was born and is an amazing artist and lovely lady is spending some months out in Amsterdamn, so I'm jealous, natch. Check her blizzog out, in it she mentions that she's already ridden on the back of a bike. When I was in A'damn, I didn't even get to do that! I am writhing with jealousy, I am green with envy, I am screaming NOT FAIR! I wish I had unlimted dollars and time. C'est la vie.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hey ya'll. Its a big day today- I am a published photographer! It's not a very artsy photo, really just a shot of these mirrors of one of our clients, but its been published in Gulf Interiors (a shelter magazine in Dubai.) Hazzah!

Monday, January 12, 2009

See, here I was trying to figure out what I wanted to post today, I was oddly fresh out of ideas, then lovely Sarah tagged me for this photo game-

1. Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures.
2. Pick the 4th picture in that folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same!

My fourth folder was a collection of inspiration shots for the theme Mille Feuille. Something that I do when I'm designing (I do that- design clothes, see you learn something new about me everyday).
This photo is from the Nina Ricci Fall collection from 2006. I love the color scheme and the way you can see all the layers (hence Mille Feuille-or in English- One Thousand Layers) both at the hem line and the neck line. And the shoes are fabulous.

I am trying to think of a design for a Havana Nights dress for the Yale club dance this year. Last year it was a black and white ball which was sogoodamazingwaydrunktime. This year's theme is 50's Cuba. I'm really excited to wear flowers in my hair and make a skirt that lives for twirling in. Anyone have any good referneces for me to look at?

Since I don't have four people to tag, I'm tagging two

Friday, January 9, 2009

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year New York New You New Me

For New Years in the BK, Grand Army Plaza is the place to be. They have fireworks at midnight, not to mention a soul/funk band playing, and drunk Park Slope moms as an added bonus. Last year after midnight a James Brown impersonator came on stage and told us about how his world would be nothing (nothing!) without a woman or a girl.
As my roommate and I live so close to Grand Army Plaza, we continued our tradition of throwing the ballerest New Years party there ever was. Starting at our apt and ending at our apt with a little trek (during the coldest night of the year- it was ohmygodfuckingsweetjesus cold) to da Plaza.

Evan took his shirt off right around countdown time, because he is a crazy man who hates being warm.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

a jillion nights

As Katie remarked, this is what you look like after drinking 4,520,303 nights in a row. amen
I had this plan that I wouldn't drink for the month of Jan as a "detox." But we all know that's just a nice idea.
A pack-a-day smoker asked me yesterday what my vice was, and I answered boozing and dancing- at the same time of course.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The New Museum

When Katie called me up and said "Hey! You wanna do something that's not drinking? Something during the daylight? Expand your mind, give you exercise, cultivate your opinions!?" I said sure, of course, splendid!
We traipsed on down to the New Museum.
My last experience with the New Museum was its first exhibit since the move to their massive building on the Bowery. It was called Un Monumental and it was true to its name. The work was basically bunk with only two exceptions that I can recall.
We started at the roof and worked our way down. The view was AMAZING! Look at Katie, dealing with her fear of heights spectacularly.
Next we were greeted by two floors of Elizabeth Peyton. Her work followed with the un monumental idea,. The portraits looked like a girl who really liked rock music in the 90's did it. My imagined internal dialouge for Liz P. was something along the lines of -
"Oh hey, I really like Kurt Cobain. Look at his photo in Rolling Stone. I'm going to paint it. Oh hey Sid Vicious, I'm going to paint your photos. Let me holler at Kieth Richards for good measure. Mmmm Oasis, a painting of Liam should do just fine."
Her choices of who to paint seemed very obvious. It felt like a collection of one rock fan's work. The only thing I really liked about the work was all the dudes looked like ladies, and that's always hot.
There was a little video installation in the stairwell that I got much more out of than any other work... but it was still not THE BEST EVER!!1!

The New Museum still has some work to do.

Monday, January 5, 2009

a Year in Review

As my beloved Katie did, I wanted to make a photo journal of the fawesome year I just finished up.
The year started off with bang at my very first Winter Black Belt camp. Very cold, very exciting. A new form, the first of its kind- a two person form- was debuted. I witnessed history.
The Yale club black and white masquerade ball aka Barbara's bizzirthday par-tay, complete with best friend bonding, sexually deviant acts, and cell phone throwing. A good time was had by all, for what we can remember of it.
Oh, and I wore Chanel for the first time
Great and many trips to the Brooklyn Museum for its first Saturday's were had. I saw Judy Chicago's Dinner Party more times than I ever thought I would.
In March I headed over to Chi-city (and started this blog upon my return) to see some art and holler at my some of my most favorite people ever. My heart force.
Sura and I attended a few open studios including Parsons, SVA, Bars, Columbia and Hunter (above.)
As the seasons became warmer I bonded with the kids on the block.

I went to Chicago again, on my very first business trip, and attended Neo Con, contract furniture galore!
I saw the best thing you will ever see.
And then a miraculous night, I saw Agyness Dyen and met Katie. And got really really drizzunk.
I.D. Annual Design review, fabu!
I made out with Diplo.

No I didn't, but I did see him on the ones and twos. Baller.
My best friend came to visit and we went to the farmer's market, DUMBO and much much dancing.
TKD in the mountains summer trip, some new black belts were made!
Oh yeah, New York Paris Tokoyo- Baby, I'm the way to go... or something I don't really remember the lyrics to Richie Rich's one song, but I do remember an amazing time.
Oh yeah, backstage at Fashion Week, the most exhausting week of my life. And so much fun. And so inspiring. Just you wait, February, here I come.
Montreal, a very cool city indeed, received a visit from me and Nick. It was happy to have us. So was Tim.
For the second time this year I saw Michel Gondry, and for the second time in the year I couldn't really breathe, and got all butterflies in my tummy-ish and swallowed all my words and didn't say a word to him.
We added a new member to the fam fam.
The year ended with Katie's quarter century (by they way, that's Tracy on Katie's lap, a most fabulous and amazing lady in her own right, another new friend of the year- and an amazing one... and its totes, not toats)

Here I am, pretending to be Kanye, welcoming you into a new year, new york, new you, new me.