Friday, September 11, 2009

Fashion's Night Out

Since last night was Calvin Harris at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, I didn't really have the time to run all around the Manhat in search of Anna Wintour, Andre Leon Tally, or Issac Mizarhi. I could only do the 'burg. But it turns out that was the best one anyway.
Bird on North 6th and Driggs hosted a block party, and thankfully it didn't get rained out. It mildly drizzed at the end but us fashionistas didn't care. The lovely ladies of Vena Cava were there, though exhuasted, understandably so as thier show was earlier that day. OMG the so fashionable, adorable and cute Jen, of Bird was kicking it, which makes sense as Bird is her store.
Mid-party tons of models arrived, stalking around a foot taller than everyone else (and I'm 5'9"), including if I'm not mistake Atong, and the lovely Agyness Dyen! Holler!

I got there before everyone else I was supposed to meet, so I just wandered around looking at the beautiful people. One of them was my editor friend from ID mag, so nice to see a friendly face! I also ran into everyone's fav party kid, Aaron K! I gabbed about how many really good to look at dudes there were and wondered where was my plaid clad man?
It could be said that my favorite part was eating cotton candy. Man oh man do I love that stuff! And look, Metromix thought I looked great doing it! Or when they ran out of the free beer, encouraging anyone who still wanted to drink to go to the corner store just down the block and bring back some Tecate. Over the PA. While the music was stopped so EVERYONE heard. Or seeing Tracy and Milan, who I haven't seen in a while. Tracy is the busiest bee in the world right now, as she's follow ol' Scott around the land. I'm so proud of her. Or Rebecca giving me a necklace she made for me, which is five triangles on a chain. Its really great and I can't wait to wear it with everything.
The night was really a fantastic one indeed, good people, good lookin' dudes, good fahsions, good jams= good times!
Tonight- on to the Tribecca Grand (hello Misshapes, Kate Laphear, Dossier et all) and the last Ruff of them all. I'm bringing my favorite bouncer some flowers on the last night of what was once my favorite party in NYC.

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