Thursday, September 17, 2009

Outta townahs!

I love love love having friends come to visit. I've said it before and I'll say it again- I could be a tour guide for the unorthodox visit. This city's cup over floweth with good things to eat, fun things to do, and interesting people to spend time with. What more could you want!?
So when Emily and Evan came to make a NY visit- I was very excited to show them my home 'hood, the BK! Emily is totes in love with the city, but Evan is on the fence, so my job was to help him fall head over heels with the place.
Since our time together was short, we did a small tour of the park and then over to a very cool 7th ave bar that I never stop inside but have always wanted too. Of course, dear readers, I already don't know the name.
They got a taste of my apt, Prospect Heights, the Park, Park Slope, and the long wait for the F train. We were waiting so long, and since they were en route to meet a friend, they called using-get this- the phone in the subway station! A NY First! Even I've never done that!
This weekend our mutual friend is coming to the city. This kid loves adventure. Not necessarily "posh bars New York nightlife adventure," more like "climbing mountains in Montreal in inappropriate footwear adventure!" I'm going to take him bike riding and to Governor's Island for sure. I can't wait!
TONIGHT- Fashion Week's last night... can I make it? We shall seeee...

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