Friday, June 26, 2009

Hell, I'll fax

Tomorrow at ass-crack dawn I hop on a plane to Halifax, Nova Scotia for a vacation with my mom and pops. I am so excited to skedaddle, the timing couldn't be more perfect.
I've been on a roller coaster (moutagne rousse!) and the ride has finally ended. I'm stronger for it, but I'm still waiting for my stomach to settle. Dudes, leaving roommates, and I'm getting restless at the jorb (which I totes love!) Plus June has totally fucked us all over with just continuious rain. I'm actually angry at June. I just need a break.
So I'm off to hike, eat, sleep, read, play silly games, and catch up with my most wonderful parents. Maybe we will even go whale watching.

However I will miss these fantastique people (and my catties, duh) whilst I am away. Don't do anything too fun without me!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bar shots

Alex works at Pianos, but not for long. I'll have less excuses to head over there and high five him. And to take pictures of all the booze they have there.
I'll be missing you.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Little Joy

Although I didn't bring my camera to the concert last night, I still feel like I must describe the wonders of last night's concert.
Babs emailed me a few months ago- "Hey lets go to this concert at the Bowery, its really cute pop music and you'll really like it! The band is Little Joy."
So I was like totes there. Plus Babsamaroo has a baller taste in concerts and jamz in general, now that she's well over her Ben Folds phase.
Well that concert finally happened last night and Little Joy was actually a big joy...I'm so punny.
The jams were sweet, fun, and sometimes in Portuguese, which is the best. I have a big crush on Brasil, and Brasilian boys (haaayyy) in general. Plus when you cover Os Mutantes then I just have to give you props. So *snaps* for Little Joy. Plus I just wanted to hang out with Matt Romano who seemed to be having a total blast behind the drums (filling in for Fabrizio of the Strokes). Once I said hi to him at Cabin, and he was nice enough, but I don't think I realized who I was talking to- but then last night I did that thing-
"Hey, I know that guy from somewher- oohhhhhh yeah."
Anyways I love watching musicians that look like they love doing what they are doing, and while there were some people on stage who looked like they were sick of playing the same songs, Matt and Rodrigo were having a great time kickin' out the jamz.

And also the lead singer, Rodrigo, looks like the exact twin of this dude I dated but that dude was awful, and Rodrigo was wonderful. And more fit. And Brasilian. Haaayyyy.

For thier final song they brought out two dudes I don't know, and Fabrizio Moretti (its his band after all) and Regnia Spector, and everyone sang and felt good about life, plus there was live brass. And I danced. Really a perfect concert.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dog Love

It's like siamese dogs. Its not but it looks like it.
Look how happy these guys are, to be in the park, under the sun, with their very bestest friend. And a good poufy hair cut. Yes!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bubble Battle 2009- Times Square Style

Last Friday I met up with some lovely ladies in one of my most hated places, Times Square, to blow bubbles at each other. That's right- it was time for this years annual Bubble Battle, hosted by those darling kids at Newmindspace. I mean, if the event was able to turn HORRID Times Square into a wonderland... well this is an example of why I started this blog to begin with. I LOVE NEW YORK!
This was just a fantastical moment, the weather was perfect, the attitude was good, clean (get it!?) fun.
Smokin' the bubble.

At some point these assholes came over asking for permits. Basically anyone they asked was kinda like -
"...a permit... to blow bubbles?"

They were for the most part largely ignored.
Let that be a lesson to you non-New Yorkers, this is a big bad city full of trouble and evil doing, like damn bubble blowers.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Yesterday Judy and I wandered a bit through Chinatown...which I never spend time there because I work during the day, and I'm a vegetarian...some things that look like vegetables are in fact something else.
And there are vegetables that look like turds. Charcoal-y turds.

BUT if you ever want to go to another country, another world- go there. And its right in your lovely City.
These are all dried seafood items. See the bottom left, there are pink things, those are dried shrimps. Some lady stuck her bare hand in, grabbed a handful and smelled them, then put them back which was an amazing moment. Even when I did eat meat, I never ate seafood. Just as a personal preference (high five to those of ya'll who love what you love, keep on lovin' it), so I could never imagine shoving a handful of bizzare-o dried shrimp in my nose.
That's NOT a mushroom, that's something from the sea.
NO- I don't know what.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Night Time Park Party

That is- if you can crash a party in a public park. Agathe and I threw a party for her return a New York de Paris in Prospect Park. Prospect Park is one of my favorite places to hang out- party or no party.
Factoid- Frank Law Olmstead, designer of both Prospect and Central parks preferred Prospect Park. Because it is the ballerest.
Also- I was wearing the best outfit. I just bought those suspender pants (over alls?) that day at the Buffalo Exchange, and was SO excited about them. Red White and Blue is my fav color combo when it comes to fashion.

I injured my neck and spent half the party lying in the grass, but I love the grass, so it was aight.

Obviously the park is a great solution to "where to party?" You can invited unlimited amounts of people, there is a huge ass amount of space to dance, run, crazy go nuts, etc. And just as long as you are discrete and not an raving asshole you can totes drink your wine.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The ballerest street band

I caught this awesome band on the street the other day in da 'burg, and they kicked so much ass. The Superpowers, check em.

Chloe's in the land for the weekend, so I'm gonna tap that and see you on Mizzonday!