Friday, August 29, 2008

Who's got the best party outfitz?

Richie Rich?

I vote Richie Rich...he's fabulous. And also, feathered. We went to see him last night but he only performed one song, so that a little sad. We wanted some real stage time with him. Andre J was there, but I didn't not get the balls to ask for a picture. I was overwhelmed a little bit.
This weekend, last chance at PS1 WarmUp, maybe a ruff club party, a loft concert party, maybe I'll throw a party at my place, maybe I won't go into the city because the city on the weekend has a large population of NJ and LI. Any ideas ladies and gents?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fashion Week is a (c)haunkua away

Only eight days separate me from glorious displays of extravagance. I'm talking about New York's Fashion Week. I'm literally freaking out. The game plan is as follows: try to go to as many shows as possible (duh). The fantasy is that it happens, the reality is maybe I can finagle my way into one.
Or none.
Last September I managed to see two, Rosa Cha and Betsey Johnson. Nigel Barker was at both of them, which was a little nutty. Pick me to be the next top model!

BUT lets not forget, I want to go to as many AFTER PARTIES as possible. Obviously.
Last year I went to the Betsey Johnson one which was good fun. Of course none of the lady models were there, because they are so absolutely amazing, they cannot party, they are booked for ten thousand more shows the next day. But all the male models are running around because they don't have anything to do. They all have side jobs as catering servers to pay the bills because lets face it, womenswear pulls alot more clout then menswear.
They are kinda pretty... just to look at... not to talk to. That is a really nasty generalization.

So invite me along if you are going to something fabulous. I'll be ever so grateful.


Well I don't necessarily laze around the office. Our extremely lucky office cat does. SO UNFAIR. and also SO CUTE.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

cool car

I like how this car is squat, and also colored like a pumpkin.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

TKD in the mountains

After a very long day of running (6 miles up and down hills) we ended the day with an electric concert at the local campgrounds. This is a photo of the pavilion, I really liked it.
What was amazing about being upstate is that the sky is so dark and the stars are actually visible. Maybe us New Yorkers are so self-important because we have no perception of small we really are.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Sura and I went to a new Ruff Club party, but it wasn't that great. They did play unlimited Bowie and had a nearly nekkid go-go dancer, so all was not lost. However there was no dancing to be had. We left right quick after the open bar closed.

On the way to Happy Endings, Katie stopped to take this picture with Aggy, to commemorate our first meeting. She's lovely, both of them.

And then happy endings was a blast as it always is. Loves it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Hey ya'll, I'm off to the mountains to kick trees and run miles and sleep under the stars. It's my annual trip to the Catskills for my Tae Kwon Do retreat. I'll be back Monday. Don't cry.

P.S. that is not me in the photo, I'm no dude.

Color and inspiration

Does it get any better than an amazing farmer's market? LOOK how RED these tomatoes are! and check out how nutty those...albino eggplants are.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beauty Bar got soul

My ol' college buddy, Brett met us and we totally did that thing where we mixed some vodka into a bottle of something else (juice, seltzer, etc) and drank in Union Square. You know, that slick high school style.
But it's summer! And it was wonderful. There was live music because there were some people jammin' to our left, and some tall guy who was carrying a sign that one side claimed he was a reki shamin and the other side said he was a jewish rapper. I kinda heart Union Square and its character.
But when we had enough of that, we traipsed over to Beauty Bar, kinda on a whim.
I've never been to Beauty Bar on a Thursday, but that is changing right quick. The most amazing music was being played, an amazing combination of soul, motown, and oldies, both popular and kinda obscure. They were all hits and I was kinda sorry to leave. We must thank DJ Johnathan Toubin for the jamz.
And Katie was tragically spilled on.

Upside Down is Rightside Up

This bus was parked on Union st in Park Slope the other day, and it made me do a double take. Basically, what you're looking at is a bus and then other bus upside down on top of the first bus, seamlessly done. I guess the bus is to get the White House to put a garden in their front lawn so people (the President and school kids) can eat it, and disabled people can work it.

Monday, August 18, 2008

You're just a keith harring wanna-be.

No it's actually pretty cool. It is a recreation of a mural of his on Houston and the Bowery. Apparently the Deitch Projects has something to do with this, and that is alright by me, I kinda have a crush on the Deitch Projects.

Dog Days of Summer

My favorite thing in the whole world is probably dogs. I kinda went into overload on Saturday morning at the Grand Army Plaza Farmer's Market, there were just so many good dogs.
There was one with a ball in its mouth, and below, a VERY cute puppy who was too tired and hot and probably a little bit spoiled that his owner had to carry the 4 month old around. It was soooo smiley, and it had the best floppy jowls... oh I love a good dog, and they are always all good.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tuesday Night is a Happy Ending

Tuesday's at Happy Endings is almost always super fun. The dj's play the beats, the kids dance, the fashion is outrageous, the booze is free for an hour, and I'll sometimes run into someone I know... like Tradon. He was on something, but Tradon knows how to kick out the jamz. As per usual my partner in crime, Katie, came out and dance-a-lanced with me.

I tried to take pictures of the cool lights and the balloons, but my point-and-shoot just doesn't have those capabilities. Makes me think I should get a new camera (is that a running theme today?)
Tonight... hanging out at Union Square? The Plumm? The Annex?


Oh, I am so artsy fartsy today, but the sky has really been putting on a show these last few weeks. With all this crazy weather, rain, sun, rain, wind, sun.. the clouds have been stirred up into these wonderful shapes. It makes me wish for a better camera.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A West Village Jazz Bar

It didn't look like NYC. The patron's didn't look like NYC. There was a no-butt touching sign. It was probably New Hope, Connecticut, not West Village Manhat. Except it was. We drank our two drinks and left, but it was kinda fun.
There was a good mom, doing a good mom dance, there was alot of leftover Christmas decorations. Many semi-deflated balloons hanging from the ceiling and a mediocre jazz band. It was a caricature of a jazz club.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the Daily Show vs the Colbert Report Improv

I went to see the writers of the Daily Show and the Colbert Report do some improv together. There were some mildly famous people, like Jon Oliver and Ed Helms.

Almost everyone was funny, even this guy. He did do this improvised monologue that started off funny, it was about myspace, being mildly famous and dealing with internet wackos, but went into this story about how his dad was actually a dad to like several other kids and after he met all his estranged brothers and sisters one of them turned out to be a scam artist and tried to scam them all one by one. It was a TMI episode, fer sure. We were all left wondering if we should laugh or not... and then the cast did improv based on this.

What you doing?

In my comments someone posted:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, is it possible to post weekend events that you think are interesting and worth attenting? -thank you and have a great weekend :)

Now this is a little hard since this is New York, the city where you have to choose between the three things you heard are going on, the one you're already committed to, and you know that there are another 17 that you just haven't heard of yet, but don't worry everyone will tell you about it tomorrow.
A few good places to check out are and If you go to something from there will be a jazillion poor folk who want to drink.

But I figure another good way to tackle this problem is just write at the bottom of the post some things that have been brought to my attention for the day.
Like tonight, I'm wrestling between the Inn and Happy Endings.

When a best friend comes to visit...

... you show her a night on the town. My very best friend, Kirsten, flew from Chicago to spoon me, talk about how surrounding architecture affects its community and what its like to ride a bike west of Cicero in Chicago after 9pm. We also did the mom dance.
I bought this...turban at Beacon's Closet in Park Slope. I couldn't figure out if it was amazing or doofy. Kirsten said amazing, so did a tranny when we went to Beauty Bar. That's all the affirmation I need.

At home in a farmer's Market. We got fixin's for a delicious omlette, onion, portobello, eggs, basil and amazing cheese. Sooo good.
Oh my best friend.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Bike chic

I think everyone should ride bikes. Let me revise that previous statement: I think everyone should be able to ride bikes safely. The way people, New Yorkers especially, drive at ridiculous speeds and allow themselves to experience such aggravation on the road is disgusting. Nick knew a bartender who just in the last weeks was hit by a car, while he was walking on the sidewalk. I also went on a ghost bike ride for a 8 year old kid last summer, he was hit by a truck. And once in Prospect Park I saw a cyclist get hit by a van, because the cyclist wasn't going fast enough? IN A PARK?
Us as a people have to respect life. It really doesn't matter how annoying a bike rider is, as a driver must do our all in order to make the roads safe. No matter how annoyed you are that you are going to be late, miss a flight or important meeting, it cannot be worth the safety of our neighbors and our community.
Now that I step off my soap box, how wonderful is this lady, dressed to the nines with her lovely bike in tow? I feel that with slightly better lighting this is something the Sartorialist would post up. I just love her ol' clunker bike and basket. It reminds me of European cyclists.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Schocholautte! Cockroaches!

I went with Nick to Williamsburg last friday to see Schocholautte play at Trash Bar. They are pretty good as far as little local bands go. Fun and bouncy pop music that makes you want to dance. Plus Nick is way tight with them folks. My favorite song is Panther Tatoo.
Warning: Trash Bar's neighbor has a cockroach problem, one of them crawled up Nick to his arm pit and chest-al zone. It was REALLY gross especially because the roach was two inches long. It makes me think Trash Bar should stop serving hot dogs...