Monday, March 30, 2009

the best morning

Let me tell you about the best morning.
I slept in, because that's what I do best. My Babs-a-doodle called me to go to the Guggenheim with her, which of course I was excited about. I put on a jazzy outfit (which later that night someone said I looked like Clarissa Explains It All, which is a compliment if you ask me) and my sunglasses which made me feel sassy.
And it was so nice and warm and sunny that I just needed a cute little hoody, no coat required. I wanted a milkshake for breakfast, and I splurged and made it malted. The milkshake was organic and it was given to me in a biodegradable cup.
Talking to my Chloe on the phone, catching up and loving on each other, I walked down the streets in my favorite boro, Brooklyn and happened upon THIS DOG! I had to put down the malted milkshake to take a few photos of the dog that was also a polar bear and a teddy bear and a fluff. SOOOOOOO ADORABLE.

And it was the best morning ever.
And then I found five dollars.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Street Music

I love street music. Here is a sampling- enjoy and have a great weekend!
P.S. I esp like the one under the Manhattan Bridge.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pick up the Pieces!

I took Nick on an abbreviated Nora History Tour of Brooklyn. We walked by a house my parents almost bought, and the house we lived in for several years on Wyckoff. Up the street from my old house is this amazing mosaic-ed house, that has been there for a hot minute.
This house is certainly one of those special things in Brooklyn that make it SO Brooklyn. Special, unique, you know someone who thinks lives inside, and they want to reach out and make their community a better place. So lovely.
I went to the artist's website, and there wasn't too much information, but she does say "One day in 2001 I went outside and started gluing things to the front of my house. I have not stopped yet. My hope was to make a celebratory statement that would cheer and amuse." Susan Gardner has most definitely succeeded! She goes on to say, "The neighborhood has embraced and encouraged the project. The joy of sharing it with strangers has made me very happy."

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So we (the ladies, of course) went to brunch at this weird place called Fetch near the 92nd street Y. Don't go there if you have nut allergies because they are all confused about what has nuts in them....
ANYWAYS- we were in the hood to head on over to the Cooper Hewett to check out the exhibition on felt. Which, at first hand I could understand that seeming...lame. But it was really amazing, intriguing, fascinating. Please, do go, and bring your old student ID (as I did) so you can pay only 10 bucks instead of 15. Yeah, price of admission is a little steep.
There was this beautiful room with felt and sheer drapery all over and sunlight just poking in. We must have sat there for a half hour just soaking in the peacefulness. Also, Rebecca decided if this was her mansion that the floor would be a pool to which we all agreed would be really nice.

Ahem... us trying to take a jumping picture in front of the CH.

Now this- this was FANTASTIC! Felt crown molding. I WANT IT NOW!

And these see through animals were on sale at the gift shop.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hue are you?

I went to the Hue Are You opening party at the Future Perfect on Friday. The show was fantastic, if not overly crowded to the X. The show, curated by the American Design Club was aiming to show color in contemporary design. The pieces were fun, whimsical, and engaging.

If you've never been to the Future Perfect, check it out, it has some of the ballerest furniture, totchkes and jewelery. Its all funky and amazing. And I want it.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Boys Noize

I brought my lil' brother to the Boys Noize show at Webster Hall, which is usually the worst ever on a Friday, but this show was so great, the crowd was so great, the dancing was so so great that my body is still sore from it, two days later. Agathe met up with us and we all danced a shit ton. My brother is like 6 foot a zillion, so he's that guy that no one can see infront of at the show, but he danced it out so I thought that made him cool still.
What made him a great dj was that he knew how to push and pull the tension so that the music pulsed, it had a life beat. I know that sounds dumb, but he brought the tension from a mellow place to an intense place for just long enough and then brought the beat back down. Perfect rhythm to keep the crowd rockin' out.

Also, I know he looks disabled in this photo, but this man KNEW how to dance.

Check out just how hard the crowd was rocking out in my video below.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Last Saturday at the Tribecca Grand Peaches was a guest DJ! And she's sassy.
She didn't go on until like... 3AM. So I was resigned to spending the whole night awake- dancing- kickin' it.
MAN it was hot like fucking August in New York City, awful. I could smell me- and everyone around me. But it added to the comradeship between all us hip and dancin folk.

Oh yeah, that's me- a sweaty mess.
Near the end of her set she grabbed the mic and sang Donna Summer's "Last Dance." You know, that song that they played at the end of your 6th grade dances. It was like- Peaches does Karaoke. Ballerest.
And she wore a hair outfit.

So, I danced with strangers, stayed until the last DJ played his last song, and got home at 5AM. It was just one of those amazing NYC nights. Le sigh.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

the Ting Tings

Babs, Katie and myself went to holler at the Ting Tings at the Music Hall of Bburg. They were amazing- the sound was so good, so right on. And the set, especially for a Sunday night, was the perfect length of time. Sometimes I want to the show to go on forever, but most of the time I've seen enough, danced enough and its time to go home. The Ting Tings knew when to hit it and quit it. FABULOUS!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Last last Saturday I went to the Landmarc theatre to see Tokoyo!, a triptic film avec mon realizateur préféré, Michel Gondry! Afterwards he did a Q and A.
I kinda sat there, having an internal struggle, to ask a question or to not... I finally came to the conclusion that since I turn into a fool everytime I come close to Gondry, incredibly similar to a teenage girl in the proximity of a boy band, I kinda can't breathe that well, and I feel like I'm riding a roller coaster.
I decdied that this was probably the only time I would be able to (physically) ask a question to my absolute favorite maker of things ever.
Ahem, so-I asked him about a chair that played a big part in his short film. OF COURSE the girl who works in furniture asks about the design of the chair. No really, I promise I'm really cool.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dana Schutz

I love Dana Schutz, hardcore. I think she has this strange Chicago contingency, I can't quite explain that, but I know peeps at my Alma Matter SAIC loved on her alot. She had a new exhibition at the Zach Feuer Gallery on Friday.
The pieces were not exactly what I was expecting- Dana's trying some new things. At first I was disappointed but then I remembered I have to allow the artist to play, to push and pull. Its the only way they can evolve and have fun doing it. She did do some interesting things with the new works. The piece above was my favorite in the gallery.

Monday, March 16, 2009

DUMBO flea market

After brunch with the most fabulous of foreign ladies, me, Rixa, Catherine, and Agathe traipsed on down to DUMBO from Williamsburg, which was easy because last weekend I had my parent's car!
The ladies knew of a cool flea market, which we scoured every booth and stand. There were some really great pieces, and baller furniture, of which I- of course- yearned to own, even though I have no where to put it and no money to buy it with.

I swear I also saw Marissa Tomei there. Maybe I imagined it, but it looked alot like her.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Today is no original content day!

But if you love on Daft Punk you wont care! Have fun with this-

it makes life good.
Happy Friday the 13th!


It is no mystery to people who love me that I have feelings for the Olsen Twins. I realize that sentence is creepy. It's not supposed to be. It just want the way I feel about them to remain ambiguous. I'm not sure if I love them or ...
what am I talking about? Of course I love them. Someone loves them more than me-
When I was an RA in college (come on! I was such a cool RA, the kids loved on me fer sure) I themed my floor after the Olsens, and it was baller. I wish I could find the photo of my bulletin board. It had a larger than life size photo of the two of them, and it said Music Make You Loose Control on the side. AND I added bling to their outfits.
You wish you were on my floor.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Look! This cute little store front, only one story, almost went completely unnoticed by myself. I'm so glad I found it. It just sits there, 1X1, between its larger brothers. Another Brooklyn mystery, found on Manhattan and Driggs.