Sunday, February 28, 2010


Charley, who may or may not be very close to the top of my favorite people in the world has started a blog-o. Actually it been around for a while-o. I just found out-o. He's the best, and even when I don't come sledding with him in bumblefuck Inwood, he still loves me. Lets hear it for Charley!

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Block party and Andrew Yang

The Block hosted a great party at a gallery in the LES this week showcasing the phenomenal artistry of Andrew Yang. Yang had taken many looks from last season from a diverse set of designers and made dolls each wearing one ensemble.
The Dolls were immaculate, and there was a very intelligent sense of play surrounding them, which is what one does with a doll after all. And the party was filled with the most beautiful boys. I'd say a large percentage liked boys, but that didn't stop them from being really well dressed and amazing to look at. I imagine I was difficult to have a conversation with, because I kept staring at the finely groomed crown and letting my sentences trail. Though my party partners in crime didn't seem to be paying attention to me either. The scenery was too good, just like a fashion party should be.
Also it should be noted that the free booze was Absynth which tastes like licorice, which I HATE and so after a while I felt queasy gross. Luckily the after party was downstairs at Home Sweet Home and there I dined on two black russians,

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Perry Ellis aka Hello Boys

Perry Ellis might not be the first thing one thinks of when one thinks FASHION! But I was excited, Judy, my co-worker was excited. And let me tell you why...
Oh gosh, hello there.... MALE MODELS. They might be 17 but they are beautiful. Beautiful boys. I had no problem going backstage after the show, really. They had already changed back, but its nice to be close to something that pretty.
Okay, enough hormonal gushing, on to the show! This guy sat across from Judy and I, and I took his picture because he was wearing the most phenomenal golden velvet blazer. And his hair. Oh his flippy hair. And his silly pre-ripped jeans.
It was Judy who-just moments later- noticed half of Project Runway was sitting next to him. That's Jesus from this season, and behind him was Jordana from last season. Amazing B-listers!
The collection wasn't ground breaking, but it was really thoughtful, detailed menswear. I have a soft spot for menswear. Sometimes I wish I were a dude, because men get to look fantastic all the time, that is if they want. Their clothes are sometimes more expensive, but once you buy an amazing suit, it can last you many, many years if you take good care. Its a real investment. And then I get disgusted by men who look sloppy, because menswear can just look so clean, tailored and posh with so little effort that you're a fool if you're wearing an ill-fitting pair of front pleated khaki pants. We're SO not friends. I look down my nose at you with extreme disdain, I'm talking to you- 90 % of wall street and midtown.
I digress...
The collection started off in a Blue/Teal area and transitioned in a Burgundy/Red zone, coming from cool and getting warm. There were some neat color blocking button downs, and great prints. The music was also really really good, I'm trying to get my hands on the jamz.
Oh I love those four boys, tie, bow tie, bow tie, tie. Adorable and sweet. The stands were overwhelmingly filled with the gents, which was refreshing to see dudes interested in their own garb.

Also, backstage, was TO (Terrel Owens) who plays football if you didn't' know. I didn't. I had to ask.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Custo Barcelona

Look at this little sweetheart. Not only does she slip me backstage to the Custo Barcelona show, but she takes my coat and stashes it in a safe place. What a absolute darling.
Okay so lets rewind to June 2007. I touch down in Barcelona, my first time in Europe in 16 years. WOAH I'm so excited! And because my plans fell through with meeting up in Sitges, I didn't exactly have a hostel booked. My bus from the airport dropped me off at the top of Las Ramblas, and with my pack on my back and a photocopied page from an old travel guide book I set out for mystery hostel number one. Walking down the colorful and noisy Las Ramblas (if you've been to BCN you know its kinda Times Square-y without most of the awfulness plus live bunnies for sale) the store front for Custo Barcelona still managed to catch my eye as I walked by. Something about the colors screamed NORA!!!!!!! I walked by a couple more increasingly exhausted times in my quest for a hostel that would take me (and if you're curious I finally found one that let me sleep on the floor for only 12 euros) and made note to stop by when I wasn't looking like a sweaty crazy with a two ton pack on.
I ended up going inside Custo something like five times. Always engaged with the colors and textures. So totally Spain, completely Barcelona. I was in love. I looked into working for them but alas "Donde esta el bano?" is not good enough Spanish to work for a Spanish company...
So of course I jumped on the chance to check out the line this season.
Look, I'm loving it!
Isn't that sweater just, oh there aren't even words. COLOR and TEXTURE kinda threw up on it, but not in a bad way. In the best way.
And lets just have a conversation about the shoes. Chloe watched me take photos of them and just looked at me and said, "Those shoes are so you." And rolled her eyes-in the most endearing of ways of course. Ugh- I want to own them. All of them. I will wear them, every day, unless its raining.
The show was everything you want in a fashion show. The runway was lit with spot lights and the venue was otherwise very dark. The clothes were fun, funky, spunky and le coole. The models sped down to the bumping music- I wasn't the only one dancing in my seat. This wasn't an uber conceptual display of craft and thoughtfulness, this was FASHION! Oooooh, amazing.
Texture! Fur! Patterns! Layering! Shiny! Sparkly! Super Sass!
After the show there was the maddest of mad dashes to get everything back together and out of there. Chaos. Fashion. They go hand in hand.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


On Saturday evening I had the privilege of watching my first show of the season, the Arise fashion show, highlighting African designers. I didn't know what to expect as last year was a complete spectacle ala Grace Jones crazy stylin. Fun, exciting, and not super sophisticated.
This year was more toned down, but still an outrageous event. The set was more elaborate than most shows, complete with flat screen televisions along either side and steps and screens to confuse the models as the enter the runway. I have to admit I loved the hanging stretched canvases for the backdrop though.
Backstage was crazytown to the extreme. Unlike most fashion shows, the Arise show highlights three designers, so that means three times the clothes, shoes, models, and interns. Exponentially increasing chaos. Oh, I loved it.
I also loved the look of admiration/gotta pee/ate something sour? on this interviewer's face.
Front of house was crazy too. I couldn't remember most of the famous faces- readers maybe you can help me out here?- but I know this is lovely Coco Rocha and seeing her made my night. And seeing the show made my night. Have I mentioned how much I love fashion week?
Who's this guy? I know his face. How do the kinda unfashionable (okay he's totes wearing a necklace, I have to give credit where its due) make it so far in fashion?
Is that Nole Marin? I think it might be...
And I'm pretty sure this is some athlete of some sort. Foot baller? Basket baller? Baller baller?
Enough of that, everyone sit down and let the show begin!
Black Coffee made some really fantastic coats, but after a while it was just coats. There was no rise or development in the line to add texture and flavor. And while most of the coats I would kill to own, there were a few that were not, ahem, lady body friendly- placing texture and form on places where ladies don't want that noise.
They did, however, have CHANEL IMAN! HOLLER!
Following Black Coffee was something about a Lion Cloth and Ashes, which I was all eh about. Again with the weird shapes at unflattering places. I didn't really take any photos that came out. But I did like this dress.
Which was the finale of the line. The final designer was Deola Sagoe who was probably the best designer of the bunch and has some really great walkers stomping down that runway. I was so caught up in the good looks I didn't take and photos to display the spectacular line. But keep an eye and ear out for her looks. Fantastic, really.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fashion Week- So Not Glam

Its that time again, ladies and gents. Its New York City Fashion Week! Woooo! The last one in the Tents. Hazzah! Suck my heel! No really don't, I love on it alot.
Chloe, my darling, is in the land, working back stage helping the shows get on and on. And since she has a healthy does of cynicism, she doesn't get star struck like I would. She just rolls her eyes and gets shit done, which makes her a better sound lady then I ever would. I would just drool all over Kelly Cutrone, and then she'll never hire me.During Snowpocalypse I happened to end my work day in the city (ugh a three hour meeting with new clients... 2 hours too long) and popped on by the Tents to see just how things were coming along.
Let me tell you, this is one of those cases where fashion gets exposed and we realize its so not glam.
There were boxes and cases every which where, and the heat was up to something like 100 degrees to keep the snow from piling up on the top of the tents. So everyone was sweaty smelly delicious. The staff was almost done hanging a photo installation of humorous and glamorous photos down the hallway to the main Tent. Chloe and I took time to make fun.

And of course we filled in as last minute models...

Fashion week- so not glam.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day

Did you notice it was snowing yesterday? I could barely tell. And people were allz like Thundersnow! And Snowpocolapyse! I mean, what are they talking about, it was just a light dusting.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Okay- so I want to be a model, kinda sorta

Rebecca told me that I should do this, so I said what the hay? (hey?)
By "this" I mean a model search for United Colors of Benetton.
you should vote-a-lote for me, and then maybe United Colors of Benetton will want me to be a pretty face in their campaign.
Respectfully and cordially yours,
Nora C. Wolf esquire the sixth

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hunter MFA: part one

Hunter has some really great grad students, a fantastic MFA program and my most favorite open studios. The spirit is just, what I like to call, super fun.
Take this charcoal drawing of tires for instance. I love this artist. Last time I was in her studio she had done some amazing charcoal drawings of old cast iron radiators that were so well done they looked almost photographic, and somehow appeared to have the texture of velvet at the same time. Her subject matter is always intriguing and she manages to keep a signature look while not repeating herself, switching it up and maintaining my interest.

Then there was this. At first glance I want to say a- what a failure and b- ugh typical art school nonsense. But once I disregard the awful way the sheet with the human pattern pieces is displayed, and turn away from the it-puts-the-lotion-on-its-skin concept on a whole, and try to forget the very little person awkwardly standing around with a trying-to-be-demure-but-its-not-working white suit on, I can appreciate the aesthetic quality of.... never mind I just talked myself out of it.I chose the rest of these because they play with light. You can call me a wanna-be curator!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Five Boro Bike Tour

Woooo! I just registered for the 5-boro-bike-tour! I'm totally amped and a wee bit scared. 42 miles! On a bike! I'm so going to suffer biker's butt.
So who's with me? Training in Central Park? Who wants to ride down FDR with me and no cars? Who wants to ride a mile uphill on the Verrazano Bridge? Who wants to touch all FIVE BOROUGHS in ONE DAY!?
Register here.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mo Money MoSex

Because I work in a tres cool office, for the holidays in lieu of a get drunk and make out with the mailroom boy in the copy room, our office party was a delicious lunch followed by a trip to the Museum of Sex. No- it was not at all awkward to walk into the room with all the porns screening at once with my boss.
There was a mildly interesting photo exhibition of people in the porn industry taken at the Big Porn Convention (not its real name) held every year. Who knew that was a thing? All the regulars were there, like Ron Jeremy and Jenna Jameson, and the Real Doll maker. But then there were a bunch of faces I didn't know. I guess I'm just a little uneducated...
But fear not! Educational pamphlets are available. From the 50's! Some illustrations of spanking and big ol' boot-tay.

And the ever popular Lap Juicer. Please take note of the glass under the chair, to collect the lap juice presumably.

The Museum was okay. Not thrilling. I did, however, get to touch a real doll for the first (and only) time. Exhilarating.