Friday, September 25, 2009


I have a real problem with shoes. Last month there was a week where I became the owner of four new pairs of shoes. Granted one was a gift, but still- its a thing I should consider watching. Also, I'm a twenty something, living in New York. I'm supposed to be silly from time to time.
Anyways, I have a real passion for plastic shoes. I don't really know where that one came from, but I own six pairs of plastic shoes. It started two summers ago with jellies. I liked them so much I bought another pair just in a different color. In addition to those I have plastic oxford like shoes in white (these are actually rain shoes, and also look like nurses shoes sometimes, they can be a bit trixy to wear without the right ensemble), Alexandre Hercovitch translucent heeled rain boots, white plastic Melissa shoes (my first Gilt Groupe purchase) and a new pair of yellow jellies-gladiator style, thanks to Lisa. They are all so crazy awesome, futuristic, waterproof, and I guess slowly becoming my thing.
With that said check out these crazy awesome shoes from Prada. Oh I love love love Prada, goodness gracious I do.They are held together by velcro darlings!

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