Friday, September 11, 2009

Calvin Harris

Lalalala- last night was the best night ever. It was Fashion's Night Out, which was fantastic. And I'll get to that in another post (I know ya'll be like, hey its fashion week and shit, and you're just bloggin' about the Caribbean parade- NORA- get on yer shit) but last night was the night that I saw CALVIN HARRIS. We're in love, he just doesn't know it yet.
I haven't really been telling ya'll about all the DJ's I've been getting into this summer. I haven't been toting around my massive, yet beautiful, camera to these shows. I just wanna dance, and that 4 pound hunk of plastic makes it tricky, plus I gotta be nice to the machine, tis a pretty penny. Thanks to GBH, I've seen Boys Noize, DIM- twice, Klever, and Flosstradamus (Chicago DJ, what?!) just off the top of my head. MSTRKRFT played but I was sooooooooo tired that day I think I might have passed out if I had tried to go. Also Calvin Harris played, but NJ was in full force so much that my peeps couldn't stand it and I begrudgingly left with them before he hit the 1's and 2's.
Last time I saw DIM chance had it that I was on stage, and I talked to him... yeah.
DIM-"Are you waiting for the bathroom?"
Me-"Yes, but I'll be quick!"
Very exciting.

First of all, I've seen dance acts, and been super amped to see them, and then the crowd is all lame and hating on life and doesn't dance. This crowd gets MAD props (with the exception of one stupid girl) for tons and tons of dancing. And I think we have to attribute that fact to the radical jamz blasting out of the speakers (and they were blasting, an ear plug fell out and that ear is still ringing, unfourtnately) the openers were great, and there was ZERO pause between sets. They just flowed into each other (that's what she said) which was great, I hate waiting upwards of 30 minutes for the next act.
Calvin's warm up DJ played Aphex Twin's Windowlicker (hello!) and Major Lazer's Pon de Floor, so-haaaayyy. I was in the mood.
And Calvin, while you could have cut out about 30 mintues of the "just the beats please" you rocked the house. I think everyone just about exploded during "Acceptable in the 80's" and "I'm Not Alone." I wanted to hear Vegas, and Ready for the Weekend, but even without I'm still floored by the rocking jams from last night.
Everyone was dancing on each other- some dude picked me up like at least 3 times- many many people made out. You brought some merrymaking to our place, baby, to our place.
Tru Luv.

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