Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I wanna be Scott Schulman

Look, I pretended I was the Sartorialist and took a picture of Nick whilst we were in Canada.
I really like how he's incorporated the cuffed pant trend that I've been noticing alot lately. He's done it in a way in which he can incorporate into every day wear without it being too trendy. Also, I hear skin colored shirts are making a come back.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Politics: Its black and white (cookie)

I spotted these cookies at Grand Central at Zaro's. Mmmm delicious? It begs the question, how do you choose who to eat? As a liberal, would I gobble down Obama to show my support, or do I chomp on Palin in effort to get rid of crazie?
Who would you nibble on and why?

Nicole Romano:Espace

We went to Nicole Romamo's thinger for her new collection. She had some amazing dresses, and even more amazing jewelery. We loved on it, alot. The poor models had to stand in high heels for hours. But they were all adorable. There were some minor celebrities like one of the house wives of new york. And models. The booze was free and my camera batteries were dead. This is all I got, we cute.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Out and aboot

I'm off to kick it old-skool style with those crazy Canadians. Don't cry whilst I stuff my face with Poutine (ewww I would never). Be back Monday....

I put my cans in the recycling

Cannon loves a good plastic bag. This is him, in love with my paper recycling.


Two days ago we went to an event at JFK airport. One of our clients has some furniture in a new terminal. It was a very boring event. It was a whole lot of people I didn’t know blah blah blahing for twenty minutes each about how great the new terminal was. Mayor Bloomberg was there which was… cool. I guess. But he was the first one to go on and everyone else was downhill from there. So there we were, standing around (I was wearing heels) for an hour, bored out of our minds and then out of nowhere-

“And now, we are happy to present New York’s greatest kickers! The world famous Radio City Rockettes!”

And they ran out and were dressed in gold, red and green and did a routine to a Christmas song, a little unseasonal. It was goofy, to say the least, but everyone was excited nonetheless. I guess it was a nice change from old dudes in suits on stage. After that they opened up the terminal and all the food vendors had samples and it was the only time that I have been inside an airport without going through a metal detector.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I went to the Surface Magazine conversation series event with a discussion between Wendell Castle and Todd Bracher. Wendell makes one offs of "art-furniture" or what I like to think of as functional art. Todd contracts his work out or is hired by companies to make multiple pieces in a factory. They are both brilliant in their own right but seemed to, ahem, disagree on what makes sense when it comes to making furniture. Is it better to build your one off unique piece filled with personality? Is it better to make simple uncluttered sophisticated pieces that can be mass produced? What do you think?

They all had very little in common, but here is the list:
- both make prohibitively expensive furniture for rich people only
- both have a double letter at the end of their name

I also really liked Todd's personality, while I thought "Perhaps Wendell deserves my respect for all he has done but he's condescending like a mofo." He totally spoke with that Bush smile-snear on his face. It was grody.
Also the conversation was hosted in the Tribecca Grand (!) and in this cool mini auditorium with undulating seats. I loved on that too.


Char played at Nick's par-tay. She wowed EVERYONE. We all loved on her, she loved on us, and gave Nick a rad tie and pocket square.
It's all about the paisley.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Nick's bizzirthday par-tay!

Oh, it was so rad. Nick hosted his par-tay in his fabulous loft. His good friends came in from CT and PA. Plus his neighbors, plus a very tall German man named Gandolf, plus a random crazy lady off the street who dealt pot and gave out her card to everyone there, plus someone's mom and dad (I lurve a good mom and dad sighting). It was great, two acts played music and everyone drank, and socialized and BLAM!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Deitch Art Projects

The one on grand had some good paintings, I really enjoyed the bootay above. And Nick galloping through the gallery below. He must have really lovered the paintings.

Lovin' on a dog

Oh man, that's one darn good Saint Bernard. Anyone else thinkin'
BEETHOVEN!!!!!!!!!!!! ?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tribecca Grand

We went to the launch party of Seven New York's new website and hintmag's ten year anniversary, or something. It was maybe the best fashion party I went to all week. I only took a few photos and only one came out (above). The lighting was dark and I was just having too much fun to really try to take photos.
I think I become inspired when I am around inspiring people, like the Three as Four designers (two of three were there), Sophia Lamar (again!), Leigh Lezark (of the Misshapes). Watching these people rise above and kick butt, it makes me want to join their ranks. I've been patterning at home all week, partially because I'm dead tired from last week, and partially because I've just been high from all this contact with my heroes.
It was my last party for fashion week, and it ended with an explosive bang!

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

We traipsed on over to the Backroom to attend the Blank collective's Hat Party. Dharlink, it was fahbulooouussss. Everyone was dressed to the nines, even Sophia Lamar... She had a most delightful hat on.

I wore my sequined turban because it fits very easily into a bag. I don't really care if its grandma chic, swim wear chic or whatever, I love it. Alot.

Near the end of the night we found ourselves in the ultra secret backroom behind the hidden bookcase. That was defiantly fulling one of my NYC dreams. This was the only pic I could snap before I was scolded for taking photos. Apparently not allowed.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stealth Snake

Mark Hunter taking a picture of me taking a picture of him. Below my "stealth" attempts to take a photo of Cory Kennedy just made it all blurry.


For fashion week I went to the PRPS event, which showcased a bunch of mostly denim goods. It was at the highline ballroom. The highlight of the event, however, was not the fashion, but the band. MGMT played, they were outstanding.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Critical Mass

A couple weeks ago I ran into August's Manhattan Critical Mass, which I will never ride myself considering the po' not being in love with bike riders. I have riden (rode?) many a-time with Brooklyn and Chicago Critical Mass, though not in a hot minute. I love seeing them go by. If you ever do see them go by, be sure to wish them a "HAPPY FRIDAY!"

Monday, September 15, 2008

West Indian Parade

So a few weeks ago was the West Indian parade, a block away from me. It was nuts, it started at oh, about 2:30 in the AM and lasted until like... 7-ish the next day. A long ass Brooklyn-centric parade. It was wonderful. I was a little over whelmed and didn't take as many photos, but let me just say... The costumes! The music! The spirit! The people! The food!
The stilts!
The booty!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Backstage Betsey-Celeb-a-thon

Betsey: glorious, glamorous, cute.With grandchild and sparkled up the wazoo!Mark Hunter-aka the Cobra Snake

Mark Indelicato-Justin Suarez (Betty's lil bro) from Ugly BettyPerry Farrell and Wife
Seated at the right table, Kelly Osbourne, and at the left table Perry and wife. Not pictured Chris Martin (of Cold Play) sitting with Ugly Betty kid and family. A little strange combo for a table of four.
Here's lookin' at you!
Cory Kennedy(!)
And noted fashion photographer, Nigel Barker.