Friday, October 29, 2010

Fashion Week- ADAM pt 1

Man oh man alive did I drop the ball with hollering at the tents in any sort of timely manner. I will say that between the new job, and uhhhh life (?) I've been struggling to keep it all up. But I've been getting used to the schedule and I'm looking forward to keeping this a-going.
So did you guys totally freak out at the floating marble block over the entrance? It was soo well done. It lessened my apprehension about the new location (I don't like change). My little darling Chloe called me up to stop by check out the ADAM show.
She was allz like -Hey I ain't no model, don't take my damn photo. But I did because she's so darn ADORABLE.
ADAM just makes really beautiful clothes. Are they crazy off the wall? Are they twenty colors and oversized silhouettes? Nope. But do I lust after them? Are embellishments used thoughtfully? Are the proportions perfect? Yup. Its clear that Adam has a point of view, and its to create really top notch clothing for ladies.
I love the backstage craziness. The handlers took some time making sure this girl's shoes worked correctly.
I like to think these are someone's moms helping add last minute extra notches to the shoe's buckles. Remember when I said fashion is so not glamourous? This is the personification of that. Its hard work and crouching behind a trash bin trying to get one more hole- using a tired, old leather punch- on a fabulous pair of shoes.
I love seeing the designers talk about their collections. Sometimes designers have a lot of say and are really hands on with their collections, and sometimes they just provide more a face for the collection and might approve things that go through the system. Now I have no authority to say either way, I've never been to the ADAM studio, but it appears to me that Mr. Lippes is really part of the discussion, which makes sense considering his history- holding the title of creative director at one of my absolute favorites, Oscar de la Renta.
The front of house was super packed as to be expected.
I watched the show from the sound booth, which made be feel a little bit cool. In my head I pretended I was an important person overseeing the production. Basically I sat up a little bit straighter...

Show coverage next post!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vote Transit!

I'm super pissed that the price of the monthly is being raised, yet again. The MTA is fining the people that use it the most, their most loyal customers. And with noticeable service cuts (hello ten minutes late to work today), they are charging more for a worsening product. Not only does this personally affect me, and many of you, but more importantly it makes the fares prohibitively expensive to our fellow new yorkers who are not as fortunate as us to have a salary as high as mine. On a personal level the 17% (!) raise stretches my already stretched pay, and even paying back student loans and medical bills I can still afford it, I just won't go out to dinner, or see a movie. Consider the single parents, the perpetually unemployed, those who work several jobs, the disabled, etc and need the public transit to make their lives work, and also need the extra dollars to make ends meet.
I rarely support organized rallies, but this is my community, my city and my problem. This is our public transit. I'm going to this rally, for you, for me, and for those who cannot go to advocate for themselves and I hope that you will join me!
Details below- and info on the raise at this link-

And from the Transportation Alternatives site:

VOTE TRANSIT! A rally to stop the fare hike and future service cuts.

Vote Transit! A rally to end fare hikes and service cuts

On October 27th, Transportation Alternatives' Rider Rebellion campaign is hosting a rally to stop the fare hike and future service cuts, "VOTE TRANSIT!"

Just days before the election, transit riders from all five boroughs will come together with a single message: if you want transit riders to stand up in NYC and vote for you on November 2nd, then stand up in Albany and vote for transit!

New York City's transit riders are tired of fare hikes, tired of service cuts, tired of dirty stations and tired of elected officials that won't do what's necessary to end New York City's public transit crisis. To fight the fare hike and future service cuts, the New York State Legislature must take bold action in 2011.

Be there!

Music and performances
Special guest speaker: TBA
Representatives from all of the major political parties

Start: October 27, 2010 - 5:30pm
End: October 27, 2010 - 7:00pm

Union Square, south side

East 14th St and Union Square East

Monday, October 25, 2010

That time that Kanye made a Matthew Barney film.

I'd never thought I'd say Degas and Kanye have a few things in common...
Oh yes- I love this a lot-

Things of note:
Michael Jackson bizzare-o parade
Feather crotch
"Do you know your she's a bird?"
"No I never noticed that."

My favorite part- when Kanye remixes Power and she dances and then it cuts to the little boy in red running across the field.
This is really what people should be doing. Yes, its funny because its Kanye and he's a silly person, but damn at least he is making some fucking art son.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Duck Eggs

Yes, yes- I've been naughty. Its been almost a month! So much has happened- including a new job for me! (and fashion week, bastille day at le bain, weekend trips to visit friends, plus next month is do it myself month, but more on all this later) That is part of the reason that I've been MIA, trying to adjust to the new schedule, making sure I have my ducks in a row (digression, the co-op had a sign next to the eggs section claiming they had duck eggs. I searched for them and upon finding none, asked a receiving coordinator for them- to which he replied "There are no more." Dejected I continued shopping only to be paged over the PA minutes later "Will the shopper who requested duck eggs please find me, we have them!" BALLER! I took the massive box from this hands and let me tell you, the box is huge because THEY ARE HUMUNGOUS! I brought them home and have yet to eat any. Truth be told, I am a bit nervous- but I'm excited all the same. I was also away all weekend so I was not duck egg-ing it up. I'll try to remember to let you know how it goes).
Anyways my first day of work I jumped right in and went to a party with my new co-worker. We headed into to SoHo to the NY Spaces fete at Sicis' showroom. YES! That amazing tile showroom where they do things with tile you never thought possible.
Happy birthday Mister President.
So in addition to amazing displays they had rows where you could just help yourself to tile samples. And it was just beautiful to look at. And rainbow bright-y.