Monday, September 14, 2009

Fashion Weekend

Lets just jump right in!
Friday night I went to the Tribecca Grand to meet up with Katie, Babs, and Lisa. While Barbara and Lisa were being dropped off somewhere that was not the T-Grand by their cabbie, me and Katie were waiting- in the rain- for the magical list to appear.
Frustrated, I hate waiting in line, (not because I think I'm too cool for school and everyone should bow down to the fashion diva that I am, but because its obnoxious, esp when its raining. While I only got into Beatrice once before it was shut down (see I'm not that cool), I was in love with their door policy- just like Hedi says, you're either in our you're out. No waiting around to see if you're cool enough/love participating in new york night life endurance art) and getting rained on, I just decided that me and Katie would let ourselves into the hotel via the next door over, which is what we did.
The velvet rope girl/intern asked us for evidence of a stamp on hands. Which we didn't have, but we just walked around her and into the Dossier party anyways. Basically we did what we always do and let ourselves into a party.
Before we walked in we went to the bathroom just to make sure the rain had properly destroyed my hair. Really there was no hope for me left, but Katie still looked cute. As did Leigh Lezark, because she was there, being a normal girl, putting on makeup and chatting away with her pal.
Barbara and Lisa did not have the same door luck, but eventually made it in also and the four of us bounced around the very well dressed, impossibly skinny, and ambiously gay group of 20 and 30 somethings. The mix included Kate Lanphear (!) who brushed up against Katie as I renewed my friendship with Eddie!
Last year Eddie invited me (and I invited Katie) to a party at the Tribecca Grand with the Misshapes, so it had come full circle. Also present was the ever fabulous Krystal Simpson, wearing the worlds most coveted gold boots. Barbara just about peed herself.
While the party was fabu- we wanted dancing. We also wanted to say good bye to a certain part of our lives. While we were once in love with Ruff Club, it had become decidedly young, too crowded and not for us anymore, but seeing that Friday was its last night ever, attending that shitshow was of the upmost importance.
We skipped the line (ugh, lines (yes I realize this makes me sound holier than thou)) and I gave my favorite bouncer, Ro, a huge hug. I had meant to bring him flowers for being such a great guy over all this time, but strangely enough its hard to find flowers after midnight...
Ruff Club was fun for a few minutes, Katie and I had our final photos taken by Felipe (love) and danced around to an amazing block of music that included Fat Boy Slim. Can't ever go wrong with that kind of jam. AND Kate Lanphear followed us over there, with her amazing chunky silver necklace and world's coolest hair cut.
But overall it was still full of young children, which was appropriate. We said, let them have thier fun! Dance your hearts away kiddies! We remember when, we loved it so as you do now, and now we're off to the mid-twenties jam spots. Hey Cabin, hows it going?

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