Monday, August 31, 2009


This is how I feel when my best friends come together. Like running around a field like a crazy person in the best way.
Lisa is soooo beautiful, and joyful, and I love hanging out with her. Even when she wears a grandma sweater. Back in the day we used to call her Big Pun because she liked puns and bad jokes so much. From then to now, not much has changed. She still comes over whenever my parents have a bbq, because she made up an imaginary house next door to mine that she lives in. Its really very well decorated.

We're high on the bar!

Tae Kwon Do in the Mountains

Every year I go upstate to kick some trees with my fellow TKD'rs. This year was no exception, and I had a blast.
The time upstate consists of making lots of really fatty foods (like OMG the most amazing french fries ever- home made with sea salt, rosemary, and honey- yeeeaaahhh. And chocolate bombs, fettuccine alfredo...), hanging out with people I only see once a year, and sleeping under the stars. We usually stay up until well past 3AM, singing with the guitar, pigging out and being goofy. Or perhaps someone will lead a midnight hike through the woods with no flashlights, or late night ninja practice. I always get deligtfully scared (and also actually just scared) because I think the woods are totes haunted and I keep thinking there are witches watching us run a muck through thier woods and they don't like it and will wait for one of us to get seperated from the group and abduct us...
I only watched the Blair Witch Project once.The last day always ends with a big exhibition and black belt test in the local high school gym. From the high school you can see a farm. That's how rural it is...
During practice we all just do all our forms in the middle of the woods. Start at our white belt forms and go all the way up to your very last without stopping. Me and my ma are black belts, so there are a few. But not as many as some of the upper black belts, who have almost double what we have to do. Its exausting in the best way possible.
Sometimes we just drink tea, sit in the cabin and listen to our headmaster - that's him with his arms crossed.
Its very relaxing, and totally not the city. These aren't the people I normally hang out with even though the majority live in the BK. We don't have much in common, I'm fashion city gal and they are Bay Ridge folks, and I'm always the girl who forgot sweat pants (because I think I own one pair, somewhere... I don't really own work out clothes, or pjs). The trip is like visiting family, I love them no matter who they are, and they love me. I won't take them dancing at the clurb, because that's not thier scene, but we can still kick some trees and go for three mile runs up hills, and that will be awesome.

Friday, August 28, 2009

And now for something completely different

Ghosts? No. Just some Tae Kwon Do-ers, doing forms rapidly in the woods. Totally creepy.

Can we talk for a moment?

Because I'm starting to get super excited!

And just wee bit overwhelmed.

But in the best way possible.

I don't even know what to do about Fashion's Night Out. Could there be more events going on? I will be way downtown on the way back from Governor's Island. What's happening near the ferry?
I know Anna darling is going to be in Queens... but I don't think I'm quite that cool.

Because the fates smiled down upon me many years ago they gave me a wonderful best friend. And her father just happens to be one of the head sound guys for the shows. So I always manage to see at least one show. We shall see what happens this year- as the shows have absolutely diminished in number since last year.
After looking at the schedule it looks like Erin Wasson is peacing out from her renegade style shows and having a real grown up one in the tents. I dunno how I feel about that, but I am going to try to catch the show, because she gives me that warm and fuzzy.
And so does Phillip Lim and Issac Mizrahi, Carols Meile and Alexandre Herchovitch (hello Brasil!) and I wouldn't say no to some DVF either.

Time to scope out where the Alexander Wang shebang is going down. And then get an invite. This week is exaushting, in the most wonderful way.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Design to Go- Areaware

Last Monday Katie and I headed over to the Port Authorty. Yes- that incredible hell hole right next to Times Square that brings New Jersey's finest to us everyday. We even waited in line, to get inside. What kind of crazies are we, you may ask?We were there for the grand opening of the pop-shop for Areaware called Design to Go! Katie and I noted that never before had we seen so many well dressed, with-it, hip New Yorkers at the Port Authority.
We brought the cool to the hood.As to be expected there were dozens of cool things to be had, including my old favorites, the animal pillows, the real-pig piggy banks, and the door stops cast from roller skates.This was something I had not ever seen before, a lit-up construction horse.
And Katie and I were totally smitten with these card holders, though it was trixy to get a photo because they were under glass.

Bascially if Areaware makes it, its the neatest (if not entirely useless) thing (or as the French would say- truc), thinger, thingie, and stuff. I really just wanted everything. It was all cool, from a fold-up bike, to a "look at me!" piece of jewlery, it all belonged in my apt.

Alors, mes cheris, vous devrez le visiter bientôt!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My baby boo boo, Barbara, who I talk about ad nauseam, probably because she is so awesome, has recently fallen in love. I know right, very exciting! She of course has fallen for photobooths. If we are ever in proximity to one her little beeper goes off inside and we just have to take a photo. Or four, because that's how the machine works.

I particularly love how crazy my eyes look in the first photo.
Yes that is my favorite thing.

This one was taken at Niagra on 7th and A, but there is, apparently, a whole website devoted to NYC photobooths. I know this because I've been to all of them with Babs.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fashion Week is approaching...

So, it must be said- if not already known- that Fashion Week will be upon us before we know it!
And I really love Fashion Week alot. Duh. And hey Katie- its almost a year since that life changing party we snuck into!

Today I had a brilliant idea that combines all my love for partying, dancing, schoomzing and boozing, and above all- fashioning. Its going to take a few phone calls, and figuring out the exact proper venue to showcase it all, but I just got so excited that I had to biggity blam all over zee blaugh as to not get all loco in my cabasa. ARE YOU AMPED ABOUT IT!?!?

Fashion Week- here we come!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A room full of TVs makes life good

I just had to bring Kirsten to the hall way of televisions at Webster Hall. Webster Hall is not usually my favorite hang out place, but this bizzare-o hallway definitely is. Especially when we get strangers to take photos with us.
Like this guy, way enthusastic!
And here is the Isreali who picked me up, I didn't know that was happening. Kirsten was happy about it though.
These guys!
Hey! Its lets wear only clothes from Nora's closet-night!
A direct Kirsten quote "I've never wore a side bun before!"

The night was "fun." But this actually was. We managed to turn New Jersey and Long Island's favorite Friday night hangout to a place us New Yorkers (and a Chicagoan) actually wanted to be. Well long enough for a photoshoot anyway.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm a bohemian princess

Beacon's Closet is one of my favorite places to shop and I would say easily over half my entire wardrobe is from there, including shoes, dresses, jeans, tops, skirts and purses. When my Chi-city ladies come, we always go there, its kinda a mecca. So that was the first place Kirsten wanted to go when she got here, well the first place after an Uncle Louie's pumpkin pie milkshake.
She bought- ahem- the most amazing dress/kaftan/mumu/thing ever. Generally reserved for ladies of larger proportions... And we went to the park and were in love. Kirsten kept calling herself a bohemian princess, and I do believe she was.Do we even like each other?
Of course we do! (Don't look up my skirt)
Also check out the ROCKIN! jellies Lisa got for me! Holler!
Lisa joined us at the park and by tying her belt around her head I made her look hip, which is great because she normally doesn't and then she got real sassy. REAL HIP.
What's Kirsten lookin' at?
Only in Brooklyn, my friends...
Does he have his father's eyes?
And the lovely lady wanted some glamour shots in front of the best Brooklyn Library ever!
Then we went home and got girled up, but that's for another post...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Funday

Back in the office after a most glorious weekend of reuniting. So amazing. Kirsten, from Chicago, my RA -in-crime, lover, life changer, and really good perpesctiver (not to mention goofy as fuck) came to visit me and hold me dearly.
AND Shannon, or Big Daddy Shay Shay came to move to NYC. And he wears clogs. K-larso and Shay and I reunited, and it felt so good. I miss my Chicago peeps and its baller when they come to the city.
Photos and stuff coming on up, but I was just feelin' real good about and wanted to share-a-lare-a-lare-alare. Life is so good.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

What I do at work

So it was a client's birthday. Today I used my mad phat photoshopping skillz and made a birthday card with all of us (cat included). LOVES IT!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Narcissism at its best

Agathe has left! And I am crying big old tears. And drinking tig old beers...
Anyways before she left we had a brooklyn centric photo shoot for a variety of reasons.
-She loves Brooklyn really alot.
-She is attempting to further her styling career and thought they would be good for her portfolio.
-We're total girls.