Friday, October 31, 2008

Village Pet Store

Just in time for Halloween-
Sooooo gross, and amazing. The Banksy exhibit, check it before it ends!

Here, chick chick!

Tweet tweet!

It's not alive, its a...

LV Chamelon

Ewww, what's that in the gumball machine?
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! What have decided upon being? Tell me!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

All Hallow's Eve...

So I finally figured out my costume for this year. I'm going to be a cupcake, or something like that. AND I'm walking the parade in the West Village... with a flask? You should do it too! It's a fun family activity!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Under the Gymfluence

Me and Katie (Katie and I?) went, on a whim, to a way goofy party held at the Crunch gym in NoHo. It was attended by a very bizzare group of people. I had a headache, so I didn't really drink their Pink vodka drinks, oh well. They did have Veggie burger hors d'oeuvres! AMAZING! Most of the time I'm starving for something delicious to eat, but they came through with a great vegetarian option. Go Crunch!
They also had mildly attractive, kinda fit people "working out" on the machines... in heels. And a lady or two on the poles in the windows. I think I saw a chocha.
Overall the night was... entertaining, but we left early.

Wall Art

Spotted in SoHo. Neat-o!

Monday, October 27, 2008

From fat to flat

Spotted in the BK- One of those sculptures that looks 3D from one angle, but surprize! Is totally flat from another.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Gant and Sart

Katie and I went to this exhibition of the Sartorialist's work, basically every day people (and by every day I mean amazingly fashionable and attractive) were given some clothes from GANT and were made to style themselves, and then Scott takes an amazing photo. They get framed and you (me) can place a bid at a silent auction to own a framed photo and dollars go to kids.
And if you're kinda broke, like me, you can just go to the fab party for the release of the photos and clothes and drink for free and socialize...
We met amazing people, like this lovely lady who MADE her dress.
And Katie met Q. I don't think his name is spelled Q, he's Korean and I, unfortunately, don't know how to spell in Korean, so I'm going with the single letter spelling of his name. Plus its WAY cooler. He was very well dressed and had this cool knitted Band of Outsiders tie that cost him less than 20 bucks. Fashionable and thrifty, a good package.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Barbara and Nora's trip to the Museum of Natural History

We so so totes really love on the Museum of Natural History. More than, like, everyone else. So we went, and took photos.
There is so much to learn and be grossed out about.
AND even though they often like to completely re-do whole sections of the museum to keep "relevant" so it looks nothing like our childhood museum, they have left the Gem Room, aka the Coke Den for little kids. Love on it.Biggest tree, it was probs really tall.

Motha fuckin MAN OF WAR!
Looking off into the distance. You love that perspective.
This new and improved planetarium and outerspace section, the "Rose Center" will give you your weight on Mars, the Sun, and various Asteroids etc. COOL. Plus there is a Big Bang movie at the bottom of the sphere in the middle narrated by Maya Angelou.
A globe containing a self sustaining environment with gross little sea monkey things in murky water.

The Gem Room, self explanatory. Coke is a rock, right?

Love affairs with Tourists

The other night I went out with my very good friend from school, Lukas. We met at this WAY touristy place on St Marks and 2nd. I was immediately put off because I don't like tourists at all. But let me tell you a little story about REALLY cheap booze and food. I got a "Texas" size (20 oz) goblet of beer and it was $5.50. And if you order a sugary drink, like the strawberry margarita that Lukas got, they will give you an extra shot for a buck. Daymn.
Oh and, when you get the munchies, a plate of fries is 2 bucks. yeah, amazing.
It's called something BBQ if you ever want to hang with tourists.
And then in front of an (gag) Pinkberry was a man/lady with a ferret just running around the table. It was very well trained if I do say so myself. So I turned into a tourist and took photos.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jens YUCKman

I used to have a crush.
Me and Jen Lekmen. The man who could write a song about a hair-cutting woman, he said "when Shirin cuts my hair its like a love affair." I once was on the subway listening so intensely to the end of a song about going to a lady friend's house, pretending to be her boyfriend so her Catholic dad doesn't find out she's actually a lesbian, I started a lil' cry when he belted out "Don't let anybody get in your way!"
My dad fell in love with him too, the way he took Motown and Doo Wop and 50's pop and turned it into amazing melodic songs.

Of course when I found out he was playing Brooklyn at the Music Hall of Williamsburg I paid for tickets for me and Nicholas.
We were giddy with excitement, to dance to our favorite songs, to sing along with Jens!
Except he just played a dj set. It was... alright. Basically it was just your generic dj set that one can hear at "the dance club."
As Nick said "I kinda lost respect for him."
As I say "Jens, you're a jerk. I didn't spend money and time for you to hear your poorly mixed DJ skills."

The best part of my night was when he played Mirah Carey's fantasy, but it wasn't the ODB version, so minus 5. Jerk.
Nice parrot sweatshirt.


I spotted this most bligingiest of bikes, even bling-ier than this bike, and this bike was pretty freaking bling.