Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Friday was a half day- so me and Jackie went to holler at some fabrics. And we found ourselves at Pacific Trimming, a must know for kids who like to make clothes and other fashion accouterments. The staff is super knowledgeable and helpful, well most of the time. They also hail from crazy town so your head might explode a little bit, but just go with a smile and a sense of humor and you'll do swimmingly.
I bought most of these things at PT, except for the buttons which was an eBay purchase for a coat I made earlier in the year. I was supposed to wait for Jackie to work on it, but I just got excited and went for it. And I'm so happy with the result!

What do ya'll think of my first endeavor into jewelery since 4th grade's ever popular stringing beads onto a lanyard?


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Chloe said...

love it. want it. mine.