Friday, June 26, 2009

Hell, I'll fax

Tomorrow at ass-crack dawn I hop on a plane to Halifax, Nova Scotia for a vacation with my mom and pops. I am so excited to skedaddle, the timing couldn't be more perfect.
I've been on a roller coaster (moutagne rousse!) and the ride has finally ended. I'm stronger for it, but I'm still waiting for my stomach to settle. Dudes, leaving roommates, and I'm getting restless at the jorb (which I totes love!) Plus June has totally fucked us all over with just continuious rain. I'm actually angry at June. I just need a break.
So I'm off to hike, eat, sleep, read, play silly games, and catch up with my most wonderful parents. Maybe we will even go whale watching.

However I will miss these fantastique people (and my catties, duh) whilst I am away. Don't do anything too fun without me!


Delighted and Charmed said...

We'll miss you too!

Liam. said...

you wont miss me?, jerk!