Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My life without a camera

Since I've been camera-less for almost two weeks, I noticed just how much I think about taking pictures. I think it was good for me to not have a camera and experience things not through the lens. But I'm done with that, I just got my new New camera again, and I've got a fully charged battery, I'm revving to go!
Things I've done recently-sans camera

-I went to the Columbia MFA Thesis show in Long Island City. That was pretty cool, I spotted Dana Schutz, just being a supportive member of the artist community. The art was "comme-ci comme-ca" as in just so-so. There were some baller pieces, but there was some crap-ola also. As always.

-Katie, Babs, and I hollered at the Kills at the Music Hall of Willamsburg. Jamie slammed a over zelaous fan off the stage and onto the floor. It was violent, which I'm always against, but it was also fucking rock and roll. (which is never an excuse for violence!) And we all want to do Alison Mosshart, but that's usually the case.

-Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand kinda made love to me (just the tip!) at the Franz Ferdinand concert at Roseland (which I hadn't been there since high school). Franz was one of those bands I had been dying to see and never had, and then Courtney had a ticket and let me go with her and WOW! I was post-coitel after the show...

-We celebrated Tracy's birthday at the Cabin Down Below, which was amazing. My new favorite bar. Katie can tell you why...

-I went to Jordan's dinner on the floor/thrive guide launch party. AMAZING good times, new friends, and old, coming together for loving and parmasian aspargus.

-Babs, Lisa and I decided on our blog's name on Cinco de Mayo. It's called Icanttakeyouanywhere.blogspot.com but nothing's there yet so no hyperlink for you. When it launches offically I'm sure I'll blizzog all aboutz it.


Delighted and Charmed said...

I miss your camera too. Lets get it back.

Barbara said...

i finally made it to yur blog... i am a bad friend :( THE KILLS you blogged about teh kills!