Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Roof top madness

I am almost in the land of lofts, aka Bushwick. I lived there for two weeks, but since then I don't really stop by too often (there are not nearly enough trees!). Of course when I'm invited to a loft party I'm totes there.

A long exposure from the rooftop!

For me, I had to experement with my camera at night, which I'm still not sure how to use it exactly, but I had fun playing. David and Alex both brought their film cameras, I can't wait to see how those pics turned out.

Speaking of Alex, it was his grand return to the city, and we were all so happy to see him! Welcome back Schmalex!

Babs looked amazing in her vintage dress!

This whole night just made me remember how amazing my friends are and how lucky I am to have them around! They make even "not the funnest" loft parties the ballerest, just because they are there. High five pals!


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