Thursday, June 4, 2009


So basically I was in the land of brand new furniture for a long, long time, hence why I wasn't updating so frequently. It was FABULOUS, but also exhausting. Here are some pics from the fair itself. To my right is the fabulous Jamie Haymon chair. I love on him so bad.

More Haymon, he was all over the land.

A Vitra elephant table. Adorable.

Malo soft paper walls. I know these are old news and have been around forever, but that doesn't mean that I don't think they aren't super cool. Because they are. Totes.

This was the coolest table, made from old police horses. And the designer is a Brooklynite! HOller!

Kartell, manufactuer of my favorite Phillip Starke ghost chairs, was tasting the rainbow for thier display this year.

Tom Dixon's booth, wacky and amazing. PLaying with proportions as per usual.

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Lindsay said...

These pictures are fantastic, I especially like the little elephant looking chair/table thing, very whimsical!
Very fun meeting you last night, hopefully our paths will cross again during the summer!