Monday, June 15, 2009

Night Time Park Party

That is- if you can crash a party in a public park. Agathe and I threw a party for her return a New York de Paris in Prospect Park. Prospect Park is one of my favorite places to hang out- party or no party.
Factoid- Frank Law Olmstead, designer of both Prospect and Central parks preferred Prospect Park. Because it is the ballerest.
Also- I was wearing the best outfit. I just bought those suspender pants (over alls?) that day at the Buffalo Exchange, and was SO excited about them. Red White and Blue is my fav color combo when it comes to fashion.

I injured my neck and spent half the party lying in the grass, but I love the grass, so it was aight.

Obviously the park is a great solution to "where to party?" You can invited unlimited amounts of people, there is a huge ass amount of space to dance, run, crazy go nuts, etc. And just as long as you are discrete and not an raving asshole you can totes drink your wine.

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