Monday, June 1, 2009

the Ballerest Memorial Day BBQ after Memorial Day

Good news- my camera is back in action! I have a ton of old photos (which means old experiences to share with you, and when I say old, I mean passe not old. I'm too cool to be old) to post up, and I'm going to go back in time, starting with today and moving backwards until we are all caught up.

So I liked the tradition of hosting a bbq at my parents' house, now that I don't live there anymore. Its a nice escape from the city, a back yard, a real grill, a really good dog, and of course my momz. So for my second (or third?) annual bbq, I invited only the best people and we got down.
I like to think as the bbq as a gift from me to my friends and fam fam- I'll bring the food and locale, and you'll bring your smilely face and some booze. And since my ma makes really good potatoe salad, humus, coscos salad, and burgers (for those meat eaters out there...) we all got the added bonus of home made good eats.
The trees, the grass, the hammock, and the outdoors was a really nice switch up from the craziness of NYC. I think it goes without saying we all love and would never change the hustle and bustle of our favorite city, but sometimes we all need a break. I would hate to live in the subrurbs (again) but I like that I can come home and chill. And hang with my dog.That's my mom! Hostess extradonairre!
We spread out a blanket in the backyard for chilaxing, and my dad brought out the hammock for hanging.
The hammock provided endless entrtainment of entering and dismounts from it, there were a few fantastic tumbles in out, and on top of each other. And the ever popular-how many people can we fit in this hammock- which goes against all my dad's rule of only two people per hammock.
Katie combined hanging with chilaxing, and showed off her hammock marks. Marks of PRIDE!

Bob- who looks at life through rose colored glasses- brought his guitar. I busted out my old drum kit from the basement and jams were made.

And the jamz were sweet. Catherine tried her hand at the drums also. We played with wooden spoons since we couldn't find any drum sticks.
Phillip got down.

Sky Gazin'.
And this is what we saw. No tall buildings in sight.

Mmmmm relaxation.


Delighted and Charmed said...

I look sort of autistic in most of these pictures.

Liam. said...

me too!hahahaha