Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Katie is one of those incredible photogenic people that just looks amazing in nearly every shot. Its probably because she is so lovely in person. She's one of my favorite people to photograph. I liked these pictures, taken at the loft party, which were kinda outtakes, but Katie looks so etheral I just fell in love with these photos. Even blurry Katie shines!Barbara and I met Katie one fated night- trying to catch Aggy dj-ing. From that point on it was just one of those instant friendships that are so hard to come by and just grow to be these beautiful relationships.
The three of us are coming up on a year of dancing, drinking, dating, and dealing with New York. We've been trying to find a good place to host our one year anniversary fabulous bash. Any ideas?

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Delighted and Charmed said...

So sweet!!! We need to think of a great spot!