Monday, June 8, 2009

Tequilas Missing

Last week on Monday we hit up our favorite bar- Tortilla Flats- for some bingo good times. While I neglected to bring my ukulele this time, I did tote my camera and had alot of fun with all the neon lights and taking portraits. Plus my friends are the BALLEREST and all very attractive, so taking photos of them is really a walk in the park... or like taking a free shot Tequila.
This was my favorite pic of the night. Oh Andrew- you sexy beast.

I also ate the best quesdilla ever, which cheese and mushrooms cooked in white wine sauce. OMG the food here is so delcious, which I think you wouldn't nessicarly expect.

Our TM of the night was Tequilas Missing, but they came after all. Alex had three.

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