Thursday, June 18, 2009


Yesterday Judy and I wandered a bit through Chinatown...which I never spend time there because I work during the day, and I'm a vegetarian...some things that look like vegetables are in fact something else.
And there are vegetables that look like turds. Charcoal-y turds.

BUT if you ever want to go to another country, another world- go there. And its right in your lovely City.
These are all dried seafood items. See the bottom left, there are pink things, those are dried shrimps. Some lady stuck her bare hand in, grabbed a handful and smelled them, then put them back which was an amazing moment. Even when I did eat meat, I never ate seafood. Just as a personal preference (high five to those of ya'll who love what you love, keep on lovin' it), so I could never imagine shoving a handful of bizzare-o dried shrimp in my nose.
That's NOT a mushroom, that's something from the sea.
NO- I don't know what.

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