Monday, August 3, 2009


Agathe and me decided to take a trip up to one of my all time favorite cities, Montreal, for a weekend. Agathe had never been, in fact she said it was the most North she has ever been in her life. There was a summer when I lived there, and I try to visit every year. It's just such a fabulous city, and even though it was just a weekend with Agathe by my side my French seemed to improve overnight. En fait, si vous voulez, on peut parle Francais seulement... peut-etre no, alors... un petit plus temps svp!We climbed Mount Royal, in jellies and purses. I'll show you a video of that adventure soon but let me just say- we're hardcore.
I loved this photo because she looked like nymph caught in the forest unawares.
TamTams is this wonderful Sunday happening at the base of Mount Royal, with drums and dancing, tightrope walking and kite flying. Best of all is the mid evil fighting with duct tape swords. Kids (of all ages) get real into it and bring chain mail and sheilds. I even saw a bow and arrow guy.
1-If you're playing and you are hit on your arm, you have to hid your arm behind your back.
2-If your leg is hit then you have to kneel, as though you have lost your legs.
3-If your head or chest is hit then you are dead until the next round.

This guy was totes dancing during TamTams and he was into it.

I tried tightrope walking, but I could not even kinda do it unless I had Agathe to hold onto for dear life. This guy was very impressive, traveling across with no help at all. Skillz.

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