Monday, August 24, 2009

Fashion Week is approaching...

So, it must be said- if not already known- that Fashion Week will be upon us before we know it!
And I really love Fashion Week alot. Duh. And hey Katie- its almost a year since that life changing party we snuck into!

Today I had a brilliant idea that combines all my love for partying, dancing, schoomzing and boozing, and above all- fashioning. Its going to take a few phone calls, and figuring out the exact proper venue to showcase it all, but I just got so excited that I had to biggity blam all over zee blaugh as to not get all loco in my cabasa. ARE YOU AMPED ABOUT IT!?!?

Fashion Week- here we come!


nycrun said...

check out my blog . i have acouple of postings from past nyc shows and will post from the upcoming shows

somedaynewyorker said...

I cannot wait. Im trying to get everything in order but im prepared for about 2 hours of sleep a night.