Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My baby boo boo, Barbara, who I talk about ad nauseam, probably because she is so awesome, has recently fallen in love. I know right, very exciting! She of course has fallen for photobooths. If we are ever in proximity to one her little beeper goes off inside and we just have to take a photo. Or four, because that's how the machine works.

I particularly love how crazy my eyes look in the first photo.
Yes that is my favorite thing.

This one was taken at Niagra on 7th and A, but there is, apparently, a whole website devoted to NYC photobooths. I know this because I've been to all of them with Babs.


Barbara said...

muhahahhaha loves it!

Liam. said...

SOOOO CUTE, why am i never around?
Im a photobooth virgin!

Delighted and Charmed said...

Babs! It's been ages! Nora! It's also been ages. sad sad. let's playyyyyyyyyyyy