Thursday, February 19, 2009

Monday- Best day

So as I previously stated, I went to the fabulous Carlos Miele show earlier Monday. Later, that evening we went to the Tribecca Grand for the party. We are big fans of the Tribecca Grand and always have a good time. The party was decent, but the free booze stopped being free, and we were getting bored, that was until we had our first Leigh Lezark sighting of the week.
Then we got the text about a Marc Jacobs party at Lit, so of course we hauled over there, and drinks were cheap, people were SO well dressed, there was dancing abound. And then we got invited to Beatrice.
Holler, it was fab.

Monday-Funday, I didn't get home until sometime around 4, just in time to pass out for a few winks of sleep next to Chloe before work. Loverely!


Paul Pincus said...

lucky you!

happy weekend, cheers, -paul ; )

norawoah said...

hey thanks Paul!