Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Erin Wasson and RVCA party!

Katie and I went to check out Erin Wasson's party last Thursday. It was hosted on this amazing rooftop with lovely lantern lights and a free Belvedere vodka bar, which got us both toasty. Before we started down that path, with clear minds we talked to one of our absolute favorites, Scott Schulman, the Sartorialist! It was amazing, to have this long conversation with an artist whose work you admire. And BONUS! He wants to shoot Katie, 'cause she's all sorts of wonderful and lovely and hip-y. I can see why.

Erin's line was cool, nothing too stunning, but perfectly sell-able stuff, and a really cute floral print dress was part of the line. I loved that dress. There were photos of her along the wall modeling her line, and models standing around wearing her line. I forgot to take pictures of all that, I did however remember to take a photo of this guy.

And there is Erin, talking to the DJ. She's really cute in person, and danced at her own party. Anyone who dances is alright with me, dancing my raison d'etre.

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