Thursday, August 6, 2009

YACHT/Bad Brilliance

Agathe, Jackie and myself headed over to Santo's to check out the Yacht concert. About a year ago Yacht played at Studio B. I bought tickets because I was so excited, but then totally forgot about the concert until the next day.
I felt foolish and that I wasted money.
That fate was not going to happen to me twice!
Opening for Yacht was Bad Brilliance. I'm not sure how to talk about the performance. It was definitely a spectacle, really fun to watch, totally bizzare but I'm almost positive it wasn't actually any good. Completely disposable, but then again that is my favorite type of work.
There was a red carpet with security, booty dancers, breakers, and old people getting down to Bad's hip hop beatz. It was completely fabricated, perhaps going back to Andy Warhol's ideas of celebrity.

And then YACHT CAME ON! He rocked the show, as one would expect.
This time Yacht is two people, a lady and the dude. The lady is new. I could go either way on if I think she should be there or not, but I felt that thier on stage act was kinda wierd. It seemed as though she kept annoying the dude, saying the wrong things and embarrssing Jona. I didn't like it. And thier "talking to the audience" act was a bit too plastic, I like to know the performers. BUT they still kicked out the jams and showed us a new music video, so I can't complain much.

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