Thursday, August 20, 2009

A room full of TVs makes life good

I just had to bring Kirsten to the hall way of televisions at Webster Hall. Webster Hall is not usually my favorite hang out place, but this bizzare-o hallway definitely is. Especially when we get strangers to take photos with us.
Like this guy, way enthusastic!
And here is the Isreali who picked me up, I didn't know that was happening. Kirsten was happy about it though.
These guys!
Hey! Its lets wear only clothes from Nora's closet-night!
A direct Kirsten quote "I've never wore a side bun before!"

The night was "fun." But this actually was. We managed to turn New Jersey and Long Island's favorite Friday night hangout to a place us New Yorkers (and a Chicagoan) actually wanted to be. Well long enough for a photoshoot anyway.

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