Thursday, August 27, 2009

Design to Go- Areaware

Last Monday Katie and I headed over to the Port Authorty. Yes- that incredible hell hole right next to Times Square that brings New Jersey's finest to us everyday. We even waited in line, to get inside. What kind of crazies are we, you may ask?We were there for the grand opening of the pop-shop for Areaware called Design to Go! Katie and I noted that never before had we seen so many well dressed, with-it, hip New Yorkers at the Port Authority.
We brought the cool to the hood.As to be expected there were dozens of cool things to be had, including my old favorites, the animal pillows, the real-pig piggy banks, and the door stops cast from roller skates.This was something I had not ever seen before, a lit-up construction horse.
And Katie and I were totally smitten with these card holders, though it was trixy to get a photo because they were under glass.

Bascially if Areaware makes it, its the neatest (if not entirely useless) thing (or as the French would say- truc), thinger, thingie, and stuff. I really just wanted everything. It was all cool, from a fold-up bike, to a "look at me!" piece of jewlery, it all belonged in my apt.

Alors, mes cheris, vous devrez le visiter bientôt!


Delighted and Charmed said...

the pictures turned out so well!

somedaynewyorker said...

Yeah i am going to fashion week. Im still trying to look for a place to crash but yeah.