Friday, July 25, 2008

Diplo is a dj

Way back in 2005 I used to volunteer to register voters at shows. The deal was I would get to go to the show for free, usually meet an artist or two and make an impact in the world by registering voters, something I believe in. Good deal.
I went to do exactly this at an RJD2 show. This guy, Diplo, was the opener. I had never heard of him, but he played a pretty decent set (which included, to my pleasure, Bonita Applebum- Tribe Called Quest and Bombs of Baghdad-Outkast). During the switch over he came over to my table and introduced himself to me. We talked for a few mintues and he passed off this disk, "Diplo Banned in Libya." "Check it out," he said...
Three years later, he's not just pretty decent, he's Mad Decent. And I went to see him, once at summer stage this past weekend, and last night at Le Royale. I was smashed up against the dj booth the whole mind-blowing, brain-explodoing set.
This wonderful lady is DJ Cat, and she was fantastic, and wearing the most amazing sparkley boustier. That girl could rock it.

The crowd was feeln' it.
Dimitry!!! was feeln' it too.

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