Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Walking around SoHo the other day I saw these trash bags, and of course was curious. Apparently it is art. According to the website, thier purpose is to "to beautify New York City and raise the public awareness of the arts and the environment." The bags are all bio-degradable.
I'm not sure if putting trash into colored bags make it a soft sculpture, but I still like it. The bags allow the viewer (the public of SoHo) to embrace the idea of design in previously undesigned places. And I'm all for anything that expands the mind.

Heck, I'd like to see a multitude of biodegradable colored bags! Lets ROY-G-BIV the streets! I can see in the future designer bags (not hand bags, but trash bags), with the ever ubiquitous Louis Vuitton print, or the interlocking Chanel C's on the trash bags. Another step into luxury, Luxe Trash!

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