Monday, July 7, 2008

A Dog on a Motorcycle

I think I just have to start a photo series called:
The Best Thing You Will Ever See.
We can call the photo below the first, the inspiration, and hardest (impossible) to top.

I just want to point out some nice details, like the the dog is straddling the bike, wearing sunglasses fitted just for him, and the man in the car behind them is also staring straight at the camera and smiling profusely. Let it to be know that Sura and I SCREAMED about ten thousand "Oh My God!!!!"s at them, and then later showed the photos to our waitress. How could you not? Really?
And all my god mother could say was "But the poor dog! What if he gets into an accident!? He's not wearing a helmet!" I agree. Hey Biker Dude, you managed to fit sunglasses on your dog, hows about a helmet?

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