Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Putting on the Ritz

Last Thursday I went to the Tavern on the Green with Rebecca and Barbara. It was some really (insane and inane) dumb mixer for fashion ladies and male financiers. Apparently the idea is that if you are a fashion lady you meet a man who can finance your line AND be your fiance, and if you're a money man, you can pay for some sassy arm candy.

So we were really the odd bunch:
I am spoken for, Babs is a lady in finance, and Rebecca brought a date. Why did we go? Ah, the eternal question.
I guess I went to see the inside of Tavern on the Green, which I have never been inside. It was crazy, the outdoor space was actaully beautiful, with dozens of fabric covered lanterns hanging from all the trees. The inside was glitzty.
I also went because there was a fashion show promised. That's almost always fun...
But really I just went for the freak show of people who went there for seriousness.
Below is Hillary Flowers embarrassing herself by singing before her over-an-hour late show. She sang for a long time also, like 4 minutes. 45 seconds is cute and gutsy, 4 minutes is trying and annoying.
AND I believe it takes BALLS to put your self out there, I did fashion too (!) There was NOTHING original or well made that walked down the too short cat walk. I've already seen all those dresses at Forever 21. All that changed was someone bought some trim to gussy it up a bit.
Better luck next time.


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erin alison said...

tavern on the green is so pretty. and i have yet to go to an event fashion show that was good. they are all CRAP! perhaps my luck will change here in paris...