Friday, April 11, 2008

the city of endless concerts

Two nights ago I went to a Spoon concert with Barbara. Spoon live was alright. I probably would
have loved it more if I loved Spoon, but I find them just okay. However their lighting designer did a stand up job, and I wish I had brought my camera to show some photos of how nice it looked. The band would be lit from the front in bright RED! and the backdrop would be lit BLUE! and it was just stunning. All the color combinations chosen were perfect, Yellow and Orange, Green and Purple, and all super saturated. The concert was at Terminal 5, the newest most shiny hip venue that is located so far west in the ManHat, it might as well be in Jersey. I'm alright with T5, but not with their latest promoter of choice, Camel cigarettes. They covered the entire interior of Terminal 5 and there was not one place in the entire venue that you could be without seeing something Camel related. So as the Handsome Furs (opening band, and amazing) sarcasticly said "Smoking is cool, go smoke alot."
Since I don't have photos from the Spoon concert, here are some other ones from Nora and Barbara's concert series.

Kristoffer Ragnstam at Pianos
Me and Barbara were the ONLY people there who seemed to know who he was, but they made a good show, for sure. We even got to very awkwardly tell him that we are huge fans right after the show, I think we both stumbled over our gushy words.

Quintron and Miss Pussy Cat with...

The Black Lips! It was my second time seeing them, and they still put on an energetic show, and they have the perfect length of any set list, not too long, just long enough.
Now the important question tonight is...
do I go to another concert (MAN MAN and YEASAYER) or go to the Hunter MFA Open Studios or Brooklyn Critical Mass? And that is only for the evening...
Never Bored in New York.

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