Monday, July 21, 2008

Brownstoner Brooklyn Flea Market

The market's name lies, it isn't really a flea market, in the truest sense of a flea market. It's a really expensive outdoor mall. The kind of flea market I'm used to and in love with is one where there are tables piled with junk and it is necessary to sift through it to find the treasure. Here, you sift through the vendors to find the treasure vendor. I found one, and managed to get the best mirror for 11 bucks! I'll post photos of it when I hang it up.
The flea is still fun even though it's pricey. I hear that is the major complaint from most people. It's still a gathering of people (Brooklynites are my favorite kind of people), interesting wares, and delicious food.

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Hi from Paris dear Nora,

as i noticed through your comments in other blog that you like stylish people, i just wanted to warn you befor i go to bed (it's late in Paris) : my last street style photos could make you fall in love with Paris and the stylish parisian girls ! lol

i wish you a pleasant evening and hop that my com is not irrelevant

cheers from Paris