Monday, February 23, 2009

There's something about a best friend

I have quite a few people that I call a best friend. Because I'm oh-so-lucky. Really, I have the most wonderful ladies in my life. Many of them live in this glorious city, but a few live in my old stomping grounds, Chicago. And I get really excited when they come to make a visit to me.
Like Chloe- who worked the tents all this fashion week, doing sound bizznass.
When she wasn't doing that we were getting really drunk at Tortilla Flats. The best bar in the world, with the best staff in the world.

This is us, on our way to the bar, passing by another ridiculous mannequin. I don't get it, really- what's up with window displays now a days?

And George Clooney was there. The best.
There is something so great about having a friend who feels comfortable enough to make a mess, walk around in her unders, and let me pee while she's taking a shower. It feels like home.

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