Monday, June 7, 2010


Every year I invite my friends up to the suburbs to partake in a little mom and dad coddling-dog loving-backyard grass-ing-hammock swinging-frisbe throwing-bbq good time! Its really amazing to be able to open my house up to my friends to provide a quick escape from the city. Plus FREE FOOD!
This year the eats were all vegetarian (my first all veggie bbq-ever!) and mostly vegan. I made delish portobello caps marinated in terayaki sauce. MMmmmm! Also available were asparagus, cold sesame noodles, gazpacho, chips, vegan hot dogs and burgers, and sword fighting corn on the cob. To drink-lemonade, beer, beer, beer and mint julep! The day ended with vanilla ice cream, and soy pomegranate chip ice cream. Soooo good!

Bob and Josh brought a guitar and drum box that one sits on and hit between one's legs whose name I've forgotten, and I brought my uke so we could pump up the jams. Lisa's dad and James delighted us with an awesome collaboration. Guitar and Uke unite!

A freak rain shower forced us all in quickly, but the party still continued! We all sat around my mother as she told us kiddies the orgins of Fritz, our mounted reindeer head. And the night ended with Brendan and I playing two hands piano, of which I feel its pretty clear that I haven't played in 10 years. I even screwed up Heart and Soul.
It was a great gathering of my birthright peeps and my home town friends and moms and dads. Super good times!

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Randy said...

in that last photo, is mike asleep up against the wall? classic.

also there's leopard skin sara! hi!