Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dino Don's

Hey hot stuff? What's going on with you?

My darling amazing friend and super duper pinkie-holding buddy invited me and some pals up to her dad's estate in a Philly suburb. I jumped on board right away, since it sounded like a nice relaxing weekend away from the city. Plus her dad is Dino Don.
I didn't know what that really meant but I soon found out it meant more good times than I had initially imagined. He is more or less the coolest dad.
Greeting visitors as they enter the estate, a Raptor. Its tail might be kinda molding off, but still, a highly original entrance. Little did I know that dinosaurs were wandering all around the estate.
Can you spot the Triceratops?
Also, a garage full of them.
Does this guy look familiar? Just a lil bit? This is why-
Yeah- Dino Don has the dino's from the movie. Baller? Totes!
And bubble Jimmy had fun with a fellow carnivore.
Another cool thing on the property was this electric car. ZAP! Check out what's under the "gas cap-"
A plug! That's right, you can pull it out and just plug it in. (that's what she said) Dino Don said that you can travel up to 40 miles on one charge, though it doesn't really go fast enough to sustain highway speeds. It can totally handle over 80% of most people's driving needs though, such as trips to the grocery store and stopping by your neighbors for a visit. Most errands essentially. And at (if I remember correctly) 20 cents a mile, totally worth it!
This is Paris and Nicole, the goats on the land. Yeah, that's right, Erica's dad is so impressively with it he picked out amazing pop culture names for these goats. And like the real Paris and Nicole, the goats were kinda vapid and stupid, only caring about food, but they were fun to watch!
The boys declared this a mostly shirtless weekend, which was good because there was swimming to be had!
You can't tell from this photo, but a dinosaur was totes creepy watching us from the corner.
The weekend was amazing, I got to see several kiddies from my Israel trip, hang with my best Barbara and my favorite pinkie buddie, eat good food and relax the shit out of the place. Thanks Erica and Dino Don!
Also, I got to wear my hippie dress. I just thought that was important to note.

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