Friday, June 11, 2010

Dinosaur BBQ

Charley and I had grandiose plans that never really came to fruition in regards to our "training" for the Five Boro Bike Tour. We were going to bike through all the boros (yes! even Staten Island!) and find sketch bars, visit landfills, and get proper lost in different and obscure neighborhoods. We wanted to fall even more in love with our great city, and find that off the beaten path stuff we crave so. We wanted to meet crazies, and have good stories worth sharing. Of course our ambitions were bigger than our packed schedules would allow. However, we did make it to Dinosaur Barbque. Its apparently no big deal to the kids who went to Columbia, its right next door, and like a zillion other people who were there (the wait for a table was an hour!) but to me and Charley we were Dino virgins and totally amped about it. I mean its NAMED AFTER DINOSAURS!
Now I'm a vegetarian so I just drank a beer, but I was still kinda excited about this seemingly isolated restaurant, under a highway at 131st street. We were just riding our bikes past on the West Side Bike Lane and ESP'd to each other that this place was probably a good spot to grab a beer. We made a big circle and locked up our bikes outside.
It looks like they have live music often- and if you like gross BBQ food, but feel like Dallas BBQ is too touristy, check out Dino BBQ. It'l be a blast! Tell 'em Nora and Charley sent you! (ed note: They will be confused as to who we are.)
Happy weekend y'all!

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