Friday, June 11, 2010


Oh look- its a whole bunch of douches, douching it up at a douche party!
(hint: It's not)
Lisa invited a whole slew of us to the Columbia Alumni party on THE INTREPID! I've never been on the Intrepid before, so I signed up right away.
In college I once pretended to be a Columbia student and hopped on their ski team trip which happened to equal the most fun ever. Why not hop aboard the SSColumbia and see what good times developed?
Our strict instructions were to come dressed in nautical inspired garb, and the second we walked in we were given sailor hats by the museum staff. In short that doesn't make us douches, that makes us well dressed and appropriate for the event. And it was awesome.
Alex may have had my top pick for the night with his nautical themed tie.
But I was also truly impressed with Lisa and Issac's Yacht Club matching ensemble.
Fun Fact: Isaac's shorts had craw fish on them.
The party got into full swing, but unfortunately (or maybe this was good thing considering the copious amounts of booze swilling around) we were not allowed on the top deck. To make up for it they had plenty of things to keep us kiddies entertained.
Like a simulation roller coaster MOTHA FUCKERS!
I think we were all hoping it would be like this:
But it was a little more tame and was really like this:
But because we all had some booze, I think it was enjoyed by all. Barbara may have overly enjoyed it and screamed alot, but I think that's fun! (ed note: I may have screamed alot also...)
Oh no- this is what happens when you let a bunch of drunks steer a ship.
ICE BERG! Straight ahead!
And these photos were basically obligatory.
To take this photo (by the way, I'm so in love with my 40's pin-up stylin' outfit for the evening) I made a big sacrifice. To get inside the helecopter they provided a stool, which slid out from underneath me, causing my whole body to slam into the helicopter, my leg taking the majority of the hit...
...resulting in the nastiest bruise of my life.
The picture doesn't even do it justice. Owie. But totes worth it. Mostly because now when people ask me how I did it, I can say "I fell into a helicopter." That's kinda a fun thing to say every now and then.


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