Friday, June 18, 2010

Climbing the 'Dacks!

It seems like when I go upstate to climb the weather just turns to shit and makes any attempts at outdoor climbing almost impossible. Saturday it rained the whole time so we hollered at the indoor gym instead.While the gym is mostly a bouldering gym, as the ceilings are not super tall, I was able to get some leading in.
What a thrill. My gym has a super rigorous lead test on an inverted wall at a super high rating (not fair! I'm a lady, I never claimed to be able to hold onto a wall for that long, upper body strength ain't my forte) so I don't get to climb lead there (YET), but I am able to climb at AIR, which I love. The thrill pushes me harder, and I love a throbbing forearm. Its less climbing vertical and more traversing at this gym (again, because of the low ceilings I presume) which can be more intense, especially 20 plus feet off the ground.
Someone at the gym had set up a swing out, aka super terrifying. Brendan has climbed about 6 and a half feet away from his last clip in and is prepping to jump off the wall any second now. Its like trying to tell yourself to walk off a cliff.
Every good gym has a dog. This one is Riley. She's adorable.
Speaking of dogs, look how good Brendan's are. SOOOOOO CUTE!fdasklg;jasklag
We took the dogs camping with us, but since it was raining and gross we did "fake camping" at Nate's grandparent's cabin near the lake. It wasn't real camping, but it was a real good time. One bottle of Jameson later, we all went skinny dipping, something I haven't done since 8th grade graduation. Even the dogs joined us!
One hung over morning later we got ready for some outdoor climbing!
We got ready very slooowwlllyyy....
Across the street from the lake shack was this house, which is maybe the ugliest, most poorly decorated, designed, and thought out house ever. Lets chat about it, shall we?
Oh yes, the ever popular vertical siding, commonly used nowhere, a mysical floating colbat mirror orb on a pedistal, THE LETTER Q, and last but certainly not least, an empty shrine, or as Nate insisted, a urinal. So bizarre.
We brought the dogs climbing- check out that figure 8 on the static line we used to keep them from jumping off a cliff. YEAH!
The walls were so wet from the day before I really struggled against the slime. Also our first routes were crack climbing, instead of face climbing. The most common way of climbing a crack is by jamming, which is exactly what it sounds like. Shove your hand or foot into the crack and twist it around until it stays there. Some people say if it hurts you're doing it right. Needless to say I'm not a fan of crack climbing.We switched to a climb called Afternoon Delight, which was something like 65 ft high. The exposure was fantastic but boy oh boy did I get super scared up there. Total adrenaline rush! I can't wait to get back at the walls!

That's me just about to pee my pants doing the swing out.