Wednesday, June 9, 2010

3 the Hard Way

So today might be a bike-centric day, but that's okay! Its my favorite way to get around and play! So much to my dismay you can't make one out of clay, or ride one in a bay, unless its a water bike, HEY!
I saw this amazing bike out and about on a bubble weekend locked up next to Thompkins Square Park. This person can take two (little) people (maybe kids... probably kids) around with him/her. SO COOL!
When I was in Amsterdam, they all had bikes with attachments to seat at least one more human on the bike. My little fantasy while I was there was that I would be asked out on date, and he'd be all like "I'll pick you up at 8." And then he would show up (in like the best outfit) on his bike and take me out on the town on his bike, not a car. And then I would super swoon. And he would have the most adorable helmet for me to wear too. Well in A'dam they don't really wear helmets, but I like them. I like my brains, but I ain't no zombie.

Wow, that post did not turn out how I expect it to.
Unconscious writing!

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